Eric Sc ??hmidt step down as Alphabet executive chairman


Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, a key figure in Google and a key player in its evolution, is resigning from the executive chairman of search engine parent Alphabet Post.

The alphabet said tonight that he would leave in January and serve as technical adviser to the board.

Schmidt was introduced to Google in 2001, three years after its establishment, the company’s balance sheet has about 35 million US dollars (26 million pounds).
According to the latest report, it currently owns about $ 1,058 million in cash and is one of Silicon Valley’s largest technology companies.

Co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin talked about Mr Schmitt joining the company in the past to provide “adult supervision,” both of whom were formed at the same time as doctoral students the company.

Mr. Schmidt served as Google’s CEO until 2011 as executive chairman. While in his leadership role, he oversees Google’s 2004 float in the U.S. stock market, which rose nearly $ 2 billion and restructured into English letters.

In a tweet, Schmidt said he can not wait to “go deep into science, technology and philanthropy.”
In a statement, the e-mail said: “Time is right, and the alphabetic evolution works well during the transitional period.

“In recent years, I’ve spent a great deal of time on technology issues and philanthropy, and I plan to expand it.”

A judge said it expects to appoint a non-executive chairman for the new year.


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