The owner of Beano publisher DC Thomson has set aside £ 20 million in spending


The Nigerian DC Thomson family owns the publishers whose titles include his owners Tiaotou, which are set to pay dividends more than £ 20m after profits rise.

As of March, the Dundee-based company, which owns the free magazines “Stylists and Candidates” and The Sunday Mail of Scotland, slipped 0.6 percentage points to 277 million pounds. Profit before tax rose 23% to 38.1 million pounds.

Andrew Thomson, chairman of DC Thomson, said: “Continued investment in new businesses and stable revenue in the traditional publishing industry have led to consistent performance consistent with our long-term business strategy.”

The company’s primary business was a 26.5% increase through its “Wild and Wolf” gift business, and a 13% increase in sales of British newspaper archive sites.

Thomson plans to increase its final dividend by about 400,000 pounds to about 15.7 million pounds, raising total annual shareholder spending from 20.4 million pounds last year to 19.8 million pounds.

According to the Sunday Times Rich List, the spending boosts the financial position of the big shareholder, the Thomson family, which has an estimated net worth of nearly £ 1.3 billion.

Mr. Thomson said: “The markets we run are still challenging, but the diversification and expansion of the Group, as well as other financial assets and business interests that support major trading operations, contributed to this fiscal year.


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