GM does not rule out the full return of Europe


GM’s “history” in Europe is not an enviable one – after years of losing money and declining sales but selling its Opel and Vauxhall brands earlier this year while Chevrolet’s European operations, previously known as Daewoo was closed in 2010. Saab, another major GM brand in Europe, was sold in 2010 and depreciated two years later because of bankruptcy.
Nevertheless, GM insisted that the door to Europe is not closed. There is currently no mainstream brand in Europe, although Cadillac continues to be sold in 45 European dealers, mainly in Germany and Switzerland, and the expansion of the classic American brand has even been made. In addition to Cadillac, the Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro muscle cars are also sold in Europe.

General Motors CEO Mary Barra recently admitted that the company could return to Europe in the future. Barra told the Detroit Automotive News Association that the company will “absolutely” consider permanently returning to Europe, adding that “nothing stops us from going back.”

However, do not expect to see common brands like Chevrolet or Buick will soon reach the European coast. Barra hinted that companies need to produce a series of “transformational products” like “self-driving cars” or “electric cars” to make such a return worthwhile. Like most large automobile manufacturers, General Motors is currently developing electric and autonomous products, but sales are not many.

Europe is not the only major territory GM is considering leaving. Barra hinted that exit from India and South Africa and other countries may also occur, saying: “We need to generate a proper return, and if we do not see a path to generate a proper return, we will invest in our place to see Better chance. “


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