Ford plans to move autopilot and electric fleet to Detroit


Ford is returning to its roots as the company moves its key self-driving car and electric vehicle business and strategy team to Detroit in early 2018.

The team, including team Edison, is making a historic industrial complex at the newly renovated 45,000 foot 2 factory near the town of cook in Detroit. According to the company, the location of the motor city will immerse ford’s fleet in urban traffic challenges and solutions. Sherif Marakby, ford’s vice President of automation and electrification, will lead the Corktown team.#


Ford motor company, President and chief executive Jim Hackett (Jim Hackett) in the conference, said: “we are happy in Detroit Renaissance inspired a block in the choice of location, to speed up our work in terms of electric and automatic driving. “The move and our exciting dearborn campus renovation is we move towards becoming the world’s most trusted company – for smart important step in the design of the intelligent vehicle world.”

Executive chairman Bill Ford (Bill Ford) said: “back to Detroit is especially meaningful, because it is my great grandfather initially set out to pursue his passion, and the place where we always call it home. “We’re planting a special piece of our company’s future in a big city in the city because we believe in Detroit, our people and what we can build together.”

Ford motor said it was looking at driving the electric car business forward, whether it was hybrid or all-battery electric vehicles, led by the ford Edison team. The team is accelerating the development and adoption of electric vehicles.

In addition, the Edison team is also focused on building partnerships with other companies to provide smart solutions that will continue to lead ford worldwide. Ford recently with Zotye electric vehicle is established partnerships, to create the Zotye Ford Automobile Co., a 50% of the joint venture, will provide Chinese consumers with a series of fashionable and affordable electric cars.

Ford has a variety of positive partnerships for the future of action. As ford $1 billion Argo AI investment, the company is by Argo AI robots with the autonomous vehicle knowledge experience and the combination of artificial intelligence software startup, promote the development of self-driving cars.

According to the press release, ford said its autonomous vehicle business center would work with personnel and cargo transportation companies to deploy vehicles. Partnering with partners such as Lyft and Domino’s Pizza, ford is researching and building infrastructure to help determine the design and customer experience of self-driving vehicles.

Starting in 2021, ford’s first self-driving car is a new hybrid car with autonomous driving capabilities.


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