Deutsche bank returns to normal bonuses, some of which are offered: chief executive


Deutsche bank returns to normal bonuses, some of which are offered: chief executive

Frankfurt (Reuters) – deutsche bank ag ( will resume its normal bonus payments in 2017, with bank officials telling a German newspaper that some staff will raise wages.

John Cryan, the chief executive, also said in an interview with boersen-zeitung on Saturday that he welcomed the UK’s plans to waste European Banks’ capital rules after brexit. But staff are still analysing any potential costs of us tax reform.

Deutsche bank dividend payments from two billion four hundred million euros in two billion four hundred million fell to five hundred and forty-six million euros in five hundred and forty-six million, this is because the legal fine selling billions of dollars of toxic debt.

“We always said we would return to our normal variable pay system in 2017,” klein told the paper. “And we will raise salaries in some places,” he said, without providing further details.

Germany’s biggest Banks are still in a fragile state, reporting a drop of nearly 25 per cent in investment banking revenues in the third quarter and the bond trading sector down more than a third.

The headquarters of deutsche bank, Germany’s largest commercial bank, were filmed in Frankfurt, Germany on December 6, 2017. Reuters/kepfenfinbach

In addition to weak earnings, the bank has been dealing with uncertainty over the UK’s decision to leave the eu.

The bank of England said this month it was planning to make Britain’s post-brexit big foreign Banks a branch in the UK rather than a subsidiary that needed a lot of capital.

Cryan said the decision “gives us more certainty.” Deutsche bank has 9,000 employees in London.

The paper demanded that Cryan expect tax write-downs like Credit Suisse, csgn.s, after the U.S. tax changes.

Credit Suisse said last week it expected to write down sfr2.3 billion ($2.3 billion) in the fourth quarter of 2017.

“We’re also going to be affected,” Cryan said. He declined to provide specific forecasts, saying Banks were still analyzing the impact of the tax code.


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