Best startup and business leadership articles of the year


Best startup and business leadership articles of the year

Learn how to improve your life from 16 of this year’s web’s most popular startups and leadership articles. Guaranteed encouragement and encouragement, these popular positions are absolutely must-read.

Mental retardation: 13 things they avoid

Mental toughness is a necessary condition for entrepreneurship. In this article is widely welcome in the “Forbes”, Cheryl connor discussed what makes mentally strong personal and 13 things they avoid at all costs (tip) from therapists in Amy Maureen.

How to turn small talk into intelligent conversation

In this TED Ideas post, Chris Colin and Rob Baedeker break down how to turn a common conversation into an extraordinary conversation. This insightful article to share how to replace the story with the answer to a line, would be absurd (but keen) mirror to exchange for the secular response, and how to make full use of the art often destructive dialogue.

Richard branson’s young entrepreneur: “do as you please”

In more than by oskar Raymond (Oscar Raymundo) creation of the company, Virgin empire (Virgin Airlines, Virgin Mobile, etc.), the founder of Richard Branson (Richard Branson) explains why is one aspect of entrepreneurship inherent risk. Sometimes you have to fight for it, no matter what people do. Richard did, I would say, his job is good.

Why do good leaders make you feel safe

Simon Sinek, in this powerful TED talk, suggests that great leaders are people others think they can trust – good leaders make people feel safe. Learning how to create a safe environment for your colleagues and employees, and knowing that this is not an easy task, will be invaluable in return and trust. (the transcript is also available, so if you want to read it, you don’t need to watch video.)

The five reasons why customers are always right are wrong

The huffington post’s Alex Kjerulf explains why this classic maxim is a big mistake. The company needs to be willing to go to bat for its employees, and advises clients to be always right, which may be harmful to workers’ morality. Instead, show employees the respect they deserve, and they will reward customers with quality customer service and more corporate pride.

Why do you hate your job

The New York times article explains the psychological needs of modern employees, and how they are not satisfied, by Tony Schwartz and Christine boras. Article introduces in detail a interesting research, in this study, the staff according to several different components (creative thinking of the time, the opportunity to do things you enjoy, the feeling of community, contact the company mission, etc.) to assess their achievements in the workplace.

Although this article is not pessimistic and depressed – it will help us to understand what they need to do to improve their workplace, creating a happier, more fulfilling employees work better (they are).

Think you’re too old to be an entrepreneur? Think again. (infographic)

Despite the trend in silicon valley, entrepreneurship is not just for young people. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs don’t even consider starting a business in their 30s, 40s or even 50s, after gaining more work experience. This infographic from the entrepreneur shows that successful people spend their sweet time finding their calling. “Not everyone is lost” indeed!

Top 10 reasons you have to work in 2014

James Altucher sees the writing on the wall – the middle class is disappearing, and it’s time to really take control of your life. In this philosophical but painful frontier, James writes, why your life needs more than salary and how to use it to create a better future.

9. Promoting other people’s toxic behavior: how do you know yourself and change them

Kathy Caprino points out some of the toxic behaviors you might be hiding, sometimes not even realizing it! Adjusting for these bad habits will make life much better for you and the people around you. See if you’re guilty.

You may be 50 signs of an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are specific individuals who have certain qualities. See if John Rampton list is sound like you – if you have several people rang the bell, you are likely to be an entrepreneur (if you haven’t, maybe it’s time for a change of career)!

How to become a millionaire at 30

Dreams come true, or they can, if you follow grant Cardone’s advice in this entrepreneur article. Know what you need to do and make a lot of money before you turn 30.

Why don’t GuGe care about a college degree

In this Venture Beat article, Gregory Ferenstein explains why GuGe is less concerned about college degrees and more about the quality and characteristics of recruiters.

How do things change

The neat story of Greg Kumparak at Tech Crunch is just a few short lines and tweets. Telling the story of Brian Acton’s personal experience (the creator of WhatsApp), it is sweet and simple to show that when one door closes, another opens in the hall. It opens onto Jello’s swimming pool and says the zebra and saxophone playing dinosaurs. Or whatever it is, something close to it.

How to quit my company and work my dream to start the life of F *

In this story, Ali meese reveals the unexpected difficulties that the business world has brought up to give up its entrepreneurial dream. You may have planned a financial burden, but have you considered social distance? Anxious parents? Frustrated fiancee? It reminds us that entrepreneurship isn’t all sunshine and puppy – but is it worth it? I’m not going to destroy it.

Seventeen eminent persons of happiness often do

In this article, Jeff Haden of inc.explains why happiness is a choice and how we can take small actions every day to make ourselves happier. It doesn’t seem like rocket science, but people tend to ignore the tools and techniques they can use to bring happiness around the world. Start these exercises and start looking ahead.

I stopped saying “hurry up” the day

In this moving article (which may be considered by some to be the boss), Rachel Stafford shares the day she chose to remove the word “faster” from her vocabulary. Whether it’s in the workplace or in family life, this touching huffington post reminds us that life is something to savor and taste, not to rush past.


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