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Former industry lobbyists have won top jobs in former combatants

The whole trump administration, former coal, bank and pesticide advocates are now making government policies.

By Jennifer a. druch and Jesse Hamilton on December 21, 2017 at 7:00 p.m

When cadiz company wants to build a pipeline for 43 miles will pump water to the desire of the mojave desert aquifer of southern California, it has sent a group of lobbyists, lawyers and consultants to ensure that the federal government’s signature.

The Obama administration blocked it anyway.

But the fate of the project changed after Donald trump’s election – he appointed David benhart, one of gaddis’s former lawyers, as deputy home secretary.

A few months later, the department had turned the tables and told the Los Angeles developers that they didn’t need permission from the federal government.

In the first year of his presidency, will trump his cabinet with those that have been trying to destroy some people who say they are now, led by the organization’s mission of traditional people banned together his cabinet. Scott Pruitt, the epa administrator, for example, has established his political career, prosecuting the agency and challenging what he calls the “activist agenda.” Betsy DeVos, BBB’s minister, called for public schools to be “dead ends”. Housing and city secretary Ben Carson downplayed proposals to cut housing aid.

Unprecedented industry advocates now have policies behind the lower levels of the federal government.

Trump has incorporated them into the regulatory responsibilities of the entire bureaucracy, often in charge of the same policies that they try to influence previous clients and employers, according to a bloomberg review. Former mining for mine safety affairs director, chemical safety provisions of chemical industry, professional banker, he now took over the former company is the approval: monetary audit office.

Trump supporters say past democratic presidents have recruited government officials from advocacy groups and think tanks, and they are equally committed to policy matters. The republican pro-business world view means that republican presidents are more likely to appoint lobbyists, lawyers and executives with deep government knowledge.

Headquarters is located in Virginia republican energy adviser Mike McKenna (Mike McKenna) said: “of course you don’t want you to pilot of the plane don’t know what you’re doing, but prefer not to let your doctor in, presidential transition. “Do you want a government run by people who know what they are doing, or are they managed by a group of amateurs?

Since Mr Trump has given up on Mr Obama’s demands, they have waited two years before joining the institutions they are trying to influence, making it easier to hire former lobbyists. A revised ethics policy, issued in January, only requires the appointment of two years of avoidance from former employers and clients.

Even such demands can be abandoned because the need for professional knowledge of the appointed person is considered to outweigh the conflicts of interest.

Bernhardt says he didn’t attend the cadiz’s decision, will not gain financial benefits from policy reversal, but from his private practice for specific person or company’s specific business benefit.

Mr Obama’s interior ministry blocked the gaddis project, saying it could not be built on federal land in the railway, which was not needed for the railway.

He has many supporters, including the interior minister, Ryan Zinke, who supports the program as a Congressman, Bernhardt said.

“I’ve never been involved in any department decision,” he said in an interview.

Law firm before, however, hart, braunstein hyatt farber Schreck, stood to earn millions, if cadiz pipeline is built-in dollars, according to the application with the securities and exchange commission. Bernhardt says he doesn’t have a constant focus on the project.

Bernhardt, AS the lobby and the lawyer’s client list was packed with companies doing business in the internal affairs of other departments: Mexico’s leading oil producer Noble energy company’s subsidiary, Norway’s national oil company (Statoil AS), a subsidiary of the company hopes to coastal building wind farms in New York; And a subsidiary of Halliburton Co., the world’s largest provider of fracking services.

Now, bernhardt has returned to the interior – he once in the government of President George w. bush working there – the agency meet him clearly put forward the request form his promises, “even if possible lack of fairness” is not involving his former clients in person or his old current clients of any specific matters of law firm.

Bernhardt has made a careful process – he says it’s “critical” – to keep him away from potential conflicts of ethics. He released a memo outlining specific companies and the types of issues that were banned, more than similar ones from his predecessors.

“The ethics of this field are based on rules and laws,” says bernhardt. “I’m not trying to be financially beneficial.”

He carries a 4-inch by 3-inch card, listing the companies he must avoid, helping him – and anyone who appears inside – driving the moral jungle.


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