Iran: new protests, despite official warnings


Iran: new protests, despite official warnings

(AFP) the local government has faced economic hardship and political power demonstrations since Thursday night, as mobile Internet activity in Iran has dwindled.

Police on Saturday scattered the youths protesting in Tehran after a third day of government protests against “illegal gatherings”.

By evening, at least in Tehran, the Internet was cut off, AFP said. Millions of iranians consult the Internet on these phones.

At midday, dozens of students gathered outside Tehran university to protest power, but police dispersed the tear gas.

Then, hundreds of pro-government students took control of the university’s entrance slogan “inciting incitement”, based on video posted on the social network.

In the late afternoon, hundreds of people performed in other parts of the university campus, chanting slogans of hostile power. They were also dispersed by riot police.

In MEL’s news agency, close to the conservatives, posted on encrypted communications cables, followed by nearly 25 million iranians, video showed demonstrators attacking the city’s second district government and overthrowing police cars.

“Troublemaker” –

Other media outlets reported destruction of the capital and denounced “troublemakers.”

The video broadcast on foreign radio and opposition channels showed thousands of protesters chanting “death of the dictator”. They have put forward these protests in the cities, including horramabad, zanjan and ahvaz in western Iran.

According to the sources, in clashes with western police, there have been reports of several people being shot dead in the western province of lorestan.

The information is unverifiable in the near future, and local media have been silent about new gatherings in these provinces.

On Twitter, the telecommunications minister, Jahrom Jahromi, accused the telegraph of encouraging an “armed uprising”.

The interior minister, Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli, urged people not to attend “illegal gatherings”. Several officials suggested that the rally was organized abroad.

“Enemy hope to create a new plot and use the social and economic problems of network fanned new fan,” the crowd of listeners in Tehran, an influential religious elders mohsin Allah, base, said city by Fars conservative tendencies.

Massoumeh Ebtekar, vice-president of Iran’s women’s affairs, warned demonstrators on Twitter. “Although people have the right to protest, the protesters need to know how they are being led,” she wrote.

She released images of Twitter accounts from the United States and Saudi Arabia to support the Iranian protests.

Economic difficulties, separation and accept in the next few years, its sensitive nuclear activities before international sanctions, protests in several capital cities, including mashhad, Iran’s second largest city held on Thursday and Friday.

The number of protesters initially limited to a few hundred, but this is the first time, the city is made up of such a move since 2009, when the affected protest against President mahmoud ahmadinejad’s re-election campaign has been violent repression.

The authority also mobilized tens of thousands of iranians on Saturday to mark the anniversary of the great proregime rally that shook the end of the campaign in 2009.

On Saturday, state television showed videos of the protests on Thursday and Friday. She said it was necessary to hear “reasonable demands” from people. But she also condemned the media and “counter-revolution” groups that had tried to use the gathering.

Dozens of people have been arrested since Thursday, but most have been released, according to TV reports.

– “the right to be heard” –

US President Donald trump on Friday condemned the arrests and said on twitter on Saturday that “repressive regimes cannot last forever”.

“The day of choice for the Iranian people will come,” Mr Trump wrote on Twitter.

And the White House, Sarah sanders, a spokesman, warned: “when the United States looks away from the Iranian regime, the days are ending with the American and the Iranian people.”

Tehran’s foreign ministry says that in Washington, iranians have not given any value to “opportunistic speech.” ).

On Saturday, the reformist newspaper, Arman, titled “Alarm Signal,” and called for more government calls to end economic hardship.

Hesamoddin Ashna, cultural consultant, Iran’s President, hassan said hany, on Twitter, “significant challenges” to Iran is facing “corruption, unemployment and inflation,” the people have “the right to be heard”.


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