A baby born outside her body is believed to be Britain’s first survival


A baby born outside her body is believed to be Britain’s first survival

Still, a british-born baby born outside her body is still alive and recovering from a third operation.

The BBC reported that Vanellope Hope Wilkins, delivered in leicester city three weeks ago, was born with a rare form of ectopic disease.

She is believed to be the first baby to survive in the UK, according to her staff at Glenfield hospital.

Vanellope’s parents, Naomi Findlay, 31, and Dr Nottingham, 43, told the BBC that when the ultrasound showed the baby had no breastplate and the heart was on the chest, they were told to terminate the pregnancy.

Wilkins said: “there is almost no chance of survival – no one believes she will be anything but us.”

Vanellope was named after a character in Disney’s wreck-it Ralph, which expired on Christmas Eve, but delivered ahead of time to minimize the risk of infection or injury to her heart. She was born by caesarean on November 22. Within an hour of birth, the team of 50 medical staff performed the first of three operations, bringing her heart back to her body.

Frances Bu ‘lock, a pediatric cardiologist, told the BBC: “things looked very bleak before they were born, but they are much better now.

Only 10% of babies born in a different place have a chance of survival. In the United States, there have been cases in recent years of babies who have survived surgery, including Audrina Cardenas, who was born in Texas in 2012, and Kieran Veitz, who was born in 2015.


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