Yanis Varoufakis: “I miss my daughter very much”


Yanis Varoufakis: “I miss my daughter very much”

Yanis Varoufakis told me his daughter, Xenia, was born. “I feel a huge responsibility,” he said. “Absolutely blind love and attention to a person’s feelings.” But experience doesn’t make him feel like a different person. “It doesn’t change my internal constitution or the way I see the world.”

Yanis Varoufakis: “I want to live in a world where we are privileged.”

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He is in a strange situation. Senia was born in Australia. But Varoufakis himself is “not quite” living in Australia. “My daughter was resurrected by the breakdown of her marriage. “My ex-wife and I managed to do what people always hated when they did it. When we broke up, we managed to have a baby. It’s not a good idea, but it’s brilliant. “

That was in 2004. “Thirteen years later, everything is absolutely wonderful.” But at the time, it was no surprise. He was torn apart. She was kidnapped by Xenia and separated from her mother. His heart was in Australia and his head was in Greece. Emotionally, he was torn. He tried to describe it. “A major tragedy,” he said.

He once met Xenia’s mother Margarite in Australia, where he worked in economics at the university of Sydney. Margaret was a Greek, an Australian, and a scholar, a historian. They fell in love, married and moved to Athens. “We broke up in Greece, we tried to patch things up, we broke up again, we tried to fix things. Finally, when we decide we’re going to be involved… The concept has taken place. ”

Marguerite returned to Australia, unaware that she was pregnant. Then she found out. They talk by telephone. How they will do this is about “arrangements”. Varoufakis was born. After Xenia was born, he persuaded Margarite to return to Greece to “see if we could get things done”.

It took one year. “This is great; I changed my diapers once and again, and the only worry was that every day was the last day I had my baby. “He said that Margaret’s return to Australia was always meaningful. “This relationship doesn’t work. It’s not patched. Then she went back. It was a nightmare. Because I’m scared of my daughter.

He wanted to know what he was going to do. But there is at least Skype. “I have a Skype screen by my bed, and every night I read a bedtime story to her. She would sleep on Skype. “Xenia closes its eyes in Sydney at the end of the day. Varoufakis, who watches in Athens, will look up and his day will just begin.


I was at the publisher’s office in London with Varoufakis. A lot has happened since Xenia was born. He has remarried and worked at the university of Athens’ school of economics, trying to persuade the German government to stop squeezing Greece every other euro. And wrote a few books. His latest book is directed at Xenia. This is called talking to my daughter about the economy.

“In a sense,” he said, “one of the reasons I wrote this book was because it allowed me, when I imagined that I was talking to her about the economy, [feeling] I was getting close to her.”

In the book, he explains the history of capitalism. This is very clear and easy to understand. At first, we were apes. Then we came down from the tree, learned to speak, and overhunted our prey. So we were forced to invent agriculture. All of a sudden, we had some goods, that is, food, and we left it in the public silos. Therefore, you need to write to track who is who. We wrote shells and became money. Next, we mint COINS. Market development. A few literate people invent religion to prove their power.

For Varoufakis, the world changed dramatically in the 17th century. Global trade has enriched the merchants. The feudal Lord was left behind. So they kicked the serfs out of their land and rehired them as debtors. In other words, serfs became entrepreneurs; In practice, these new entrepreneurs never have debt.

“This is what I call a big reversal,” Varoufakis said. It turns out that the economy is driven by what people produce. Now, this is the driver of the debt. The big reversal makes debt an economic supercharger.

Then came the modern world – industrial revolution, factory, empire, severe inequality, and finally, a huge rebound in communism.

Mr Varoufakis’s father, Giorgios, is a communist. Born in the 1920s, he grew up in Cairo and studied chemistry at the university of Athens. But he was drawn into the civil war. When the police demanded a condemnation of communism, he refused. He was imprisoned in the communist party for four years – which made him a communist. Later, when georges recovered his degree, a woman from the right wing was told to pay attention to him. This is the woman of Eleni, the mother of Varoufakis.

Mr Giorgios’s left wing has triumphed over Mr Eleni’s conservatives, who are all centre on the left. Varoufakis told me that his home was “modest.” Steel engineer Giorgios was in trouble during the extreme right of the 1950s, and he was fired as a communist. “The secret police will come and ask the employer to fire him.” Finally, Halyvourgiki, a company, hired his boss as a personal assistant, and the speed was much lower. “He was exploited,” Varoufakis said. “The irony is that my father is chairman of the board,” he said. He occupies the man’s office. To this day. When we speak. ”

We talk about the life of Varoufakis. He is full of energy. He told me how his mother’s brother was arrested and imprisoned; The young Varoufakis visited him in his cell. ‘it seems like a big risk,’ he said. After the right-wing regime collapsed, the family fortunes took a positive turn. He was sent to the Athens private mortis school, where he studied mathematics and economics at the university of Essex and Birmingham. Later, he became a scholar. He found a job at the university of Sydney, met Margaret, and a few years later, he returned to Athens to watch a baby on the Skype screen.

One day, during that time, he went to an art gallery in Athens, and something strange happened. In his high spirits, he walked into a darkened room. “It’s dark. The ground is covered with red soil – thick red soil. There was a spotlight in the middle of the room, forming a red circle on the floor. There’s a very powerful voice. Take a deep breath, just like -”

At the same time, capitalism looks unhealthy, to say the least, and he has been trying to explain this to Xenia. “I try not to negate it,” he said. “I tried to tell her what was charming and what was wrong. An organic whole. Because you really don’t want to be dumped in a dark and unhappy child. Do you think my book is gloomy? If so, I failed. ”

Life is “wonderful,” he says. It’s certainly better than that. He had just spent a month on the isle of aegina, danae, her two children, and senna and George osborne, now 93. He started the European democracy movement and tried to reform the European Union. He would go to Sydney to see senia on Christmas day. “She’s Australian,” he said. “But she’s also Greek. She’s very down-to-earth and she’s a nerd and she reads a lot… I think she is a happy child.


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