FIA Tech and eClerx announced the strategic partnership


FIA Tech and eClerx announced the strategic partnership

The agreement combines the advantages of eClerx with the advantages of cost competitiveness and the expertise of derived technology with the integrated technology platform provided by FIA Tech for the global futures industry

EClerx and FIA Tech today announced the establishment of a partnership to improve the efficiency of FIA Tech’s operations, data processing and other services based on industrial utilities.

The first initiative from the strategic partnership was the centralized EGUS (electronic abandonment solution) file digital solution. EGUS is a network-based application for FIA Tech, which makes it easier to give up processing, thus saving money for brokers, customers and dealers. It provides an automated workflow for renouncing protocols and captures the rates that can flow downstream into the system in an electronic format.

The solution combines eClerx’s field and process excellence with the function of Semantic Evolution, which develops the leading technology for extracting unstructured data. The executive agent can now use EGUS as a low-cost, scalable solution to implement the e-brokerage rate plan and improve the brokerage settlement process for their companies. In addition, EGUS will be further utilized as a source of commission and fee reference data to improve the ability of the entire FCM community to accurately track and calculate brokerage fees.

Business process outsourcing expert eClerx partner relationship with the FIA Tech is required to solve many common challenges, in response to industry include the need for general data standards (e.g., accurate rate and commission data), in order to ensure accurate and efficient commission payment processing, as well as the systematic prediction, reconciliation and insightful analysis of the operation.

Stephen Ingle, eClerx’s head of financial services for product and business development, said: “we are very pleased to be working with FIA Tech to deliver projects that can have a positive impact on the clearance of the derivatives industry. This relationship with the FIA is a logical extension of eClerx’s key operational support for some of the largest global financial institutions. We are now able to pass the FIA member base to provide solutions for the industry, this will ensure that all the agent to obtain the same deep professional knowledge, shorten time to market, as well as eClerx today to provide customers with technical advantage. ”

“We are happy to work with us because we can improve our service to our customers,” said Nick Solinger, President of FIA Tech. We will be able to improve operational efficiency, improve the quality of data in the brokerage business, and enable our users to use eClerx’s expertise in derivatives to integrate with the FIA technical services. The FIA Tech existing customers will be sent to you by the FIA Tech after market test framework for eClerx service scope, and through the use of common technology, supervision and in the interests of the data protection policy and security standards attached.

“Our common first initiative is to digitize the large number of manual eRates schedules on EGUS. We expect this to provide direct industry benefits by increasing the level of automation and reducing the amount of time spent in downstream billing and brokerage functions, “Stephen Ingle said.

The FIA Tech with EGUS user group Shared a move, and held a seminar information network, to introduce its members to eClerx availability, as the industry leader, of the options available at any time, to alleviate the current, the bottleneck of data processing or other operating problems.

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About eClerx:

EClerx through operational support for the global 135 companies with critical business services, including the world’s leading financial services companies, online retailers and distributors, interactive media and entertainment, technology and industrial manufacturing, tourism and leisure, and software vendors, etc. Data management and analysis solutions. EClerx, founded in 2000, is the first and only publicly traded knowledge processing (KPO) company in India, trading today in mumbai and India. EClerx was named one of the top 100 Asian top 100 companies in Asia, and was named Teleos’s “most admired knowledge enterprise” award final. EClerx in its global delivery centers and verona, phuket, mumbai, pune and Chandigarh and New York, London and Philadelphia, silicon valley, Austin, Dublin, milan, Munich, Hamburg and Singapore’s global customer relationship network. For more information, visit

About the FIA Tech

FIA technology is a for-profit subsidiary of the FIA and the listed derivatives industry to solve the operational efficiency of the industry solutions. FIA Tech was established in 2008 as an industry solution for global trading brokers, FCM and exchanges to give up documents (EGUS), broker invoices and billing, and ownership and control of regulatory reports.


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