Real estate agents mark milestones


Real estate agents mark milestones

These names read like a list of Hollywood stars – singing Alicia Keys; James Bond and big screen star Daniel Craig; The legendary Barry bonds of baseball; Action actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, rap/hip-hop artist Lil Wayne and golf guru Ernie Els.

In addition to achievement and excellence, celebrities have one thing in common – they fall in love with a community in the Bahamas and have chosen the same real estate agent to work with them.

The broker, Mario Carey, CRS, CIPS, CLHMS, Mario Carey Realty, President and founder, understanding and ocean Club paradise island estate (Seas Club Estates) on the part of the year time, celebrities, chief executive and the love of others.

He talked about the special status of the Bahamas property yesterday, he marked a milestone – through a Tom Weiskopf design championship golf course, held in the side and the Atlantic region LPGA championship, on the other hand, Atlantis hotel facilities, away from the door and boating, fishing and scuba diving in the world.

He said, from water sports to diamond watches shopping, from giant yacht dock to leisure for a walk, in a safe community, beautify the environment looks like a magazine cover, it is a positive way of life.

“Manor buy people can live in the ocean club anywhere in the world, but they chose this way, this is from the first day to sell the property,” Carey said, he dealt with the first batch of sales, and continue to be the enclave’s sales team. He recalls that every one of the 121 sites originally offered in 1999 was almost immediately taken away, a historical phenomenon that has never been repeated. Later, katz, international apartment in the ocean club introduced 88 sets of luxury apartments, this development to achieve the same success as Marine club real estate sales, and lead to Carey “undisputed leader” reputation.

Ocean club estate launched a new program – instantly and beach club in the golf club membership, enter only ocean club and Atlantis, offers all the single family or a holiday resort of luxury apartments all privacy and convenient. Although all over the world luxury hotel roller coaster, but kerry in 2008 became the most expensive ever sell at a time, a year of economic collapse, this year at the Ocean Club (Ocean Club Estates) to deal with the most expensive sales.

He has sold several properties several times. Many of his deals are leases, usually sports stars and fortune 500 chief executives looking for breathing space around the clearest waters of the sun’s warm waters.

“When it comes to selling properties, it’s usually based on lifestyle changes,” Carey said.

“I don’t think I’ve heard some people say that they want to sell, because they don’t like it here, in the ocean club unique have a common understanding, you can sit on your balcony, or deck overlooking one of the world’s finest golf courses or jump on your boat, fish in khakis, in the morning and at night for dinner or with international entertainment, in evening dress and evening dress to add the friendly people, this is a win-win situation”.

Carey said that five years ago, when Mr Carey left he once served as director of the firm for many years, formed his own boutique real estate company, ocean real estate company’s customer remain loyalty club.

He said: “I have assessed, rented, consulted, supervised construction, visited many families in person, and hosted ambassadors.

Cary also lives in the community. “Let me live in the ocean club estate is active in the community, meet people, to make a valuable introduction, also let me have the opportunity to grasp the pulse of the market, if this is the other 100, you can call it a diamond jubilee, but there are 100 transactions in a community, in addition to the degree of satisfaction as well as to the market, the details and personal attention to quality service, the I’m not sure what you said is what, the truth is, when you believe in yourself very much, promote lifestyle is very easy. “


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