Where can I invest 40 million dirhams?


Where can I invest 40 million dirhams?

The fourth chapter of the DHA investment series will enable us to further broaden our horizons of investment, further integrate the relative returns of portfolio portfolios and the single portfolio. The expected return on different investments and risk factors will be discussed. Concerns and areas will be explained in conjunction with relative market speculation logic, ground conditions, internal information and investor positioning. It is hoped that this will further help make the smart decision to make maximum capital gains.

1.Broadway business stage 8

One of the best bets on the market has been the investment in the fourth marmara shopping mall on DHA Broadway. The four horses will rise as the 8 mara plots saturate. These plots have seen huge gains in the past, and they may be slow now, but the fact that this will be a high-yielding investment cannot be ignored. The reason is that Broadway is one of the largest commercial areas of DHA. This alone underlines the fact that this will be the business centre of the future. These prices are likely to increase in multiples as phase 8 houses become saturated. In the future, they will be a high rental income. How much is expected to depend on the location of the plot.

2. 9 city archives and 8 residences

There are two opportunities to deliver on the market. We have discussed the 9 document before, because we are anxious to wait for the vote. We expect the price to be close to phase six of the common national assessment phase ii, at the end of the day with a gap of only 250-4 million.

8 waiting for ownership in the 8 mara housing phase in the Y district, so this product is also expected to receive another benefit. This possession will result in a smaller community that will emerge in the future. The jump in possession of the message will add to the existing block premium.

Stage 6 common national assessment 2

It will go beyond our budget. This commodity may not be the end user in the near future. But in the long run the outlook is bright. The AD centers around two Kanal communities, ensuring that people who have a strong purchasing power need to travel far every day. There are still profits to be made from the four mala commercial plots.

Although prices have risen, the cap has not been reached. This is comparable to the existing CCA 1 in phase 6 of block C. The price gap is 1750-25 million, and we expect the gap between the two CCA to narrow to only 5-7 million. This means we are looking at short-term and long-term profits.

4. Stage 8 park landscape 2 Kanal plot

The 8, 2 kanal plot from the park landscape phase is on the rise. Although it may not be as exponential as other commodities. The attraction of investing is that even if the real estate industry declines, it will increase. All in all, if the market retreats, the risk factor is minimal. In fact, it has been this year. This feature is a mature commodity, but in this case it is nearing maturity, but not yet mature.

This suggests that the price of the house has risen considerably compared with the fifth or sixth period. The reason is that it is mature and immature. Investors and end-users are buying the plots. In phase 6, most end users are buying properties for comparison purposes. This factor ensures that property prices in the park landscape are not falling, but are higher than mature or mature real estate.

5. Park view 4 mara document plus 1 kanal phase 7 plot

The park landscape archive is one of the best options on the market today because the vote will take place in the coming months. We will safely use it as a one-year term for maximum benefit. Compared with period 9, the 7th issue was compared with the 7th period, because the price of the seventh period rose slightly. The park landscape document is expected to provide a return on investment of up to 30%. To invest wisely, consider your time frame and risk appetite and so on. All factors play an important role in investment.

The seventh stage has passed. This is because investors and traders lack biyanas. End-users bought 60 percent of the land, up from 20 percent in the past. Phase 9 is not investing, but continuing to pay for the installment payment. The ninth stage will be the same process that is going through the seventh stage. The end user is the process of investors and real estate agents. Once or twice a year, these biyana – oriented people jump in price, then jump out and leave the end user in vain and lose 15 to 20 percent. The seventh stage has already been through the biya tournament, which is under way in stage 9.


The fifth option is the most satisfying because the risk is minimal, but the payoff is beautiful. You decide which model is right for you. All investment options have their own expertise, motivation, and risk preferences that have been explained above. For investment guidance, please feel free to contact the author. For readers, investors can determine their own risk preferences, time frames, capital gains, etc. I can help you make these decisions by phone or by appointment.


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