Avoid holiday spending hangovers


Avoid holiday spending hangovers

Decorate the house. Buy a plane ticket. Play secret Santa at work. Prepare a delicious meal. Dress up as a holiday party. The gift of shopping. There is no doubt that the days between Thanksgiving and the New Year require us to take on our obligations and expenses. Since you’re busy, there are plenty of gifts to buy. Why increase your budget, or even your debt?


For some people, decorating is optional. If you’re not one of these people, here are some ideas to keep your decor minimal.

Cease or exchange

If you already have some decorations, but you want to update your vacation appearance, just wait for another season, buy the decorations at the end of December, and save the next year. If you can’t wait long, or don’t want to spend money at all, consider decorating it with friends in November or early December.

From childhood

If you’re doing it yourself for the first time, and haven’t started to build up the decorations, lights and snow globe boxes, start with the cheapest store. Keep in mind that if you’re willing to have a eclectic set of decorations, it can often save you money rather than a perfectly coordinated setting. Then use previous techniques to add to your stash.

Focus on the important things

If you usually have a Martha Stewart (Martha Stewart) will be jealousy tree, a children for her neighbors gingerbread house decoration contest held by 5 PM and a news lights show, try to approach this year will be different. Instead of trying to do everything, focus on the most important type of decoration for you. An event or display is well done to make up for cuts in other areas, and you’ll make time and money. If you usually hire a decorator, use photos from your previous vacation to recreate your holiday wonderland. Children and college students in the neighborhood are also good sources of cheap help, and they will be happy to make extra money during the holidays.

Is this really necessary?

Finally, consider whether you need to decorate. If you’re going out for a big part of your vacation, you won’t be able to enjoy your decorations nearby anyway. If you can’t stop your decor even if you’re traveling, stick to the outdoors. Hanging lights, wreaths and outdoor decorations, your neighbors can enjoy, while saving your time and energy, turning your living room into a Santa’s workshop. If you leave your lights when you leave, you should also consider using a timer. This will save the day’s power and keep any possible thief guessing.


Eating is a great way to get together. However, hosting these meals is often expensive, because you want to make a deep impression that all the guests have a big meal. This usually means overspending, plenty of time in the kitchen, and too much leftovers. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Cut or cut

If you usually host holiday parties, consider not having one or closing your guest list. Most people have more vacation obligations than they can handle, and may not mind one less, no matter how much they enjoy your party.

Let others

Another option to cook is to go out for a nice, inexpensive restaurant. You don’t have to save money (unless you and your guests to separate the bill), but you don’t have to do any shopping, cooking, or cleaning, if you have any food, you can take a break from Turkey and ham. If you’re not making a Turkey and Christmas prosciutto on Christmas Eve, don’t assume that your family will be overlooked: they might prefer to go out and roast lasagna and spaghetti. You won’t be the only one who has this idea, so keep it, eat early or prepare to wait.

Make it a dinner party

If eating out seems objective or too expensive, another option is to have a potluck. In this way, you only need to be responsible for one aspect of the cost and preparation.

Gifts and related expenses

Gifts can be the biggest burden most people have. It’s a challenge to think about a gift that everyone on the list would like, let alone find and present. In addition, we all have at least one person, and we have no obligation to buy gifts at all. If you don’t want to get a big bill at Christmas, then you should consider giving more meaningful gift rather than the price tag, and make sure to check your local financial institutions, the availability of Christmas club.


If you can’t or don’t want to spend a lot of money on gifts this year, you’ll usually spend that money knowing you’ll be relaxing this year. That way, you won’t find yourself in the awkward position of not receiving expensive gifts. Other adults may be as relieved as you are, this year they won’t have to make any more dough. Children don’t always understand this, the pressure of this year’s presents can be daunting, but there are ways to make the usually expensive gifts more affordable. For example, if you have three children, treat their expensive gifts as items they will enjoy, so you can only buy a high price item instead of three.

Friends and colleagues

For friends or colleagues, consider organizing a gift exchange where each of you draws a name from your hat. So, everyone is only responsible for one gift, not ten or more. You won’t be the only one who feels relieved by reducing your obligations. If your colleagues know more than their friends, consider giving your entire office a plate of edible items as your holiday gift.

Space purchase year

Another good way to reduce the cost of holiday gifts and associated stresses is to buy gifts throughout the year instead of buying them at once. For people you know, you will be able to buy gifts like your parents, siblings, or children and list things they are interested in anytime and anywhere. Then, as long as you can find a good deal, or have some extra space in your budget, you can get them. For gifts that you can’t predict ahead of time, just buy generic items that you can give to anyone. Post-holiday sales are a great way to get a discount for these gifts. Put them in a box in the closet until next year.


To save on packaging costs, buy gift wrapping paper whenever you see something that can be sold as a holiday paper. In addition, holiday paper can also be used as holiday paper for seasonal sales. Shopping malls sometimes have free gift wrapping stations (expect tips), but don’t spend money on wrapping all the gifts, as it can easily add about $5 to each gift.

Holiday travel

Forget to tell mom you’re not going home this year because you can’t find a ticket under 400 yuan – it won’t take off with her. Returning home on December 26th May not be so popular. Unfortunately, the airline knows this, so if you want to avoid being hit on a vacation trip, you must pay close attention. Fortunately, there are many ways to get the best results for your holiday travel.

The best strategy is to buy tickets as early as possible. If you aren’t sure which days you can get off work nine months in advance, be safe and schedule a short trip that is unlikely to spark conflict. Asking for your vacation early may increase your chances of taking a vacation, or it can take you longer. If you have enough seniority, you can buy whatever tickets you want and apologize later. This can be expensive if you change your ticket, but you can always try to placate your boss by providing remote work.

If you buy a ticket near the holiday, use price tracking software and adjust it flexibly according to your travel date and time. In addition, an updated email from certain airlines will notify you of upcoming or current seat sales.

If you can convince your family to be tolerant of your late arrival, Christmas and New Year’s eve will usually reduce the cost of air tickets on Christmas Eve. You can even consider driving instead of flying, especially if you’re buying a plane ticket for your entire family.

The bottom line

You don’t owe debt to have a happy and memorable vacation. Controlling your financial situation can help you control other challenging aspects of your vacation. If you are not stressed, you are unlikely to be overly or impatient with your relatives. If you can stay calm in all the things you’re angry about, your happy mood may be the best gift you can bring to your holiday party. Remember that Christmas is a time to enjoy and thank your family and friends, and that shouldn’t be sacrificed to your savings goals.


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