The evolution of the Internet and its impact on retail space


The evolution of the Internet and its impact on retail space

Online and offline used to be two very separate worlds. But with the rise of e-commerce, especially mobile e-commerce, the line between online and offline is rapidly blurring.

One of the early effects of the Internet has been to foster more specialist retailers than ever before – retailers with a unique perspective, but not necessarily a lot of space. Internet already allows retailers to contact potential customers, and with new ways of expressing their brands, and entity shop has become part of their communication and sales strategy, rather than become their contact only or the main way of consumers.

Although logic suggests that reducing the importance of physical stores will reduce the design more interesting, on the contrary, retailers to communicate on the Internet and the ability to build brand in fact has led to a more targeted and influence the identity of the entity shop. If you see a successful shopping center today compared with twenty years ago, now you will see more powerful than ever before and diversification of tenants, shoppers can also through the Internet and electronic commerce is mainly thanks to the collection of more personalized.

Meanwhile, full-channel retail combines online and offline shopping experiences. For retailers in this way, the price is consistent in all formats, consumers can choose among a variety of options: online shopping, shopping at home, online shopping, shopping in the shop, shopping in the shop, take goods, or in the storage and delivery to their home.

Many retailers are also trying to their online experience elements are similar to their shops, some retailers (the most famous is the UK Burberry) is another way, trying to their online business elements integrated into their stores – through software allow virtual try to wear clothes, or links to other stores in other countries even activities.

The Internet has also affected retailers, far beyond their physical space or online presence. Zara, uniqlo, TopShop, H&M and Forever 21 fast fashion retailers are using web-based technologies such as in all aspects of their business – design, manufacturing and logistics – development speed very quickly, in many cases over there used to be large retailers such as department stores and large household appliances exhibition hall living space even more. With the convenience, these stores offer the latest styles, reasonable prices, rapid updates and continuous, which were previously impossible.

As the change of the Internet to promote among retailers is becoming more and more attention, the developer of the shopping center is weighing the technology brings new consumer choice, compare them with physical limitations, and start with their own changes to react.

As many personal brand is now looking for trends and varieties collected from various sources, and then through social media contact with other consumers around the world, all kinds of shopping center is also planning now, to bring a special atmosphere or character to the physical collection of stores.

Is one of the biggest trends of the powerful domestic or international brand with a strong local atmosphere or combining existing stores or restaurants, so that consumers feel they are in a place to have the best of everything.

Bringing together all the luxury brands and value brands at one end of the center isn’t enough – consumers are trying and really looking for interesting, surprising shopping opportunities, at the same time.

Perhaps in response to the private nature of shopping, shopping’s public experience is more closely integrated with other community experiences. Including retail shops, office, hotel and residential USES, the increase of the comprehensive use of scenic spot, all the shops including rock star chef, powerful art programs, strengthening program, better restaurants and a food court, is the shopping, people get together and share their experiences and activities.


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