Trump officials suspended aid to Pakistan’s military, demanding “decisive action” against terrorists


Trump officials suspended aid to Pakistan’s military, demanding “decisive action” against terrorists

Trump, the government said Thursday it is suspended for the safety of the Pakistani military aid, until it from stationed in Afghanistan in Pakistan hideout of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, taliban and haqqani militants to take “decisive action”.

The Pakistani government accused Pakistan to fight terrorism “double whammy” after a few days, reiterated Pakistan will hold as much as $255 million, Pakistan will use the money from the company to buy military equipment.

U.S. state department spokeswoman Heather Nauert did not give details on what kind of assistance would be suspended, but under pressure from NBC news, she said some of the money was paid back. Pakistan has fought against American rival terrorist groups.

Nauert said: “in the Pakistani government of organizations, including the Afghan taliban and the haqqani network, decisive action before, we think that these networks will undermine the stability of the region, and against the people.” “Despite this government’s high level of engagement with the Pakistani government, the taliban and the haqqani network are still seeking refuge in Pakistan.”

While they can’t give exact figures based on Pakistan’s claims over the past few years, it is safe to say that hundreds of millions of dollars could be dangerous.

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Pakistan is a Muslim country, and Mr Trump has played an unreliable ally in the fight against terrorism, a move that is expected to further escalate tensions.

On Monday, hinted that he intends to trump with anger to Pakistan, where he declared that the United States over the past 15 years “stupidly” give the country more than $33 billion in aid, and got “lies and deceit.

They gave us safe havens for terrorists hunting in Afghanistan. No more! “He choo.

Pakistani leaders rejected what they called an “incomprehensible” U.S. comment and called on U.S. ambassador Dave hale to explain trump’s tweets.

But Washington has long complained that Islamabad is suspected of supporting the haqqani militants allied with the Afghan taliban. Although Pakistan has repeatedly denied asylum to America’s enemies, but in 2011, U.S. President barack Obama sent American troops to kill him, when al qaeda leader Osama bin Laden (Osama bin Laden) hiding in Pakistan.

But Mr Trump has not always been critical of Pakistan. After Islamabad helped liberate an American family from the haqqani network in October, Mr Trump chirped his praise.


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