The women entrepreneurs created a fake male co-founders to avoid sex discrimination


The women entrepreneurs created a fake male co-founders to avoid sex discrimination

Penelope Gazin and Kate Dwyer faced a lot of sexism and humiliation when they launched the strange art e-commerce market – until they launched a fictitious co-founder called Keith.

When Penelope and gold (Penelope Gazin) and Kate Dwyer (Kate Dwyer) decided to create their own in the weird art market online market, they didn’t expect it will be easy. After all, the los angeles-based artist led the project with a few thousand dollars of self-owned capital and minimal technical skills. But it’s not just a tight budget, it’s accelerating a slow climb, and they’re also facing doubts from the outside world, from condescending to outright sexism.

“When we started, we immediately confronted ‘are you sure? Does that sound like a good idea? “Dwyer said. “I think it’s because we’re young women, and a lot of people are watching what we’re doing,” what a lovely hobby! “Or” it’s a lovely idea.” ”

In any case, the concept seems to be paying off. Witchcraft, alternative, planning the market’s strange, cultural awareness, dark humor art, celebrating its first anniversary this summer. Due to excessive Etsy such large creative market chaos and limitations, the site was born, and the site from a batch sell crafts of enamel badges, shirt, magazines, art, handicrafts and other products. Witches avoided the common gadgets like Etsy website of “Live Laugh Love” atmosphere, but tend to be those dark nihilism, fun, art, from the fierce feminism to obscene game, just for fun.

In the first year, WuJi has already sold about $200000 worth of this art, to the creator of every trade paid 80% of the cost, and try to reverse the meager profits Caldwell said. Earlier this year, they received a small investment from rick and morty co-founder Justin Roiland, and are working with him to produce some of the wizarding exclusive products. Gazin gunmen and which are not large or wealth, just want to provide a sustainable platform for artists, let them without censorship or additional noise betray my own work. So far, that seems to be going well.

But along the way, ghazi and dwyer had to come up with clever ways to overcome some of the unexpected obstacles they faced. Some of the hurdles are public: earlier they offered a web developer to help build the site, trying to sneak out everything after Gazin refused to date him. But most of the obstacles are subtle.

After starts to make “witchcraft”, they spent a long time to notice a pattern like this: in many cases, they recruit external developers and graphic designers often chanted tone by E-mail. These almost always male collaborators tend to be transient, unresponsive, and vaguely disrespectful in letters. In response to a request, the developer sent an email saying, “ok, girl… “

This is when Gazin and Dwyer introduce the third co-founder: Keith Mann, a proper fictional character who can communicate with outsiders via email.

“It’s like the day,” dwyer said. “Takes a few days can I get a reply, but Keith is not only can get reply and status updates, you can also ask him if he need any other things, or Keith other things in need of help.

Dwyer and Gazin often deploy Keith when interacting with the outside world and find that the change in tone is more than an exception. In exchange, a person’s feelings seem to be involved in the assumption of witchcraft and highlight how they interact with budding business. One developer, in particular, seems to be showing more respect for Keith than dwyer or jining, until the foundation of human interaction.

“Whenever he talks to Keith, he is always writing to Keith in the name of Keith,” Gazin says. “He won’t use our names as long as he talks to us.”

These types of encounters don’t stop them, but instead make Gazin and Dwyer more motivated and have the opportunity to have some fun at the expense of high-tech masculinity.

“I think we could have been very stylish,” dwyer said. “Wow, do people really respect this imaginary person more than we do? But we know that this is clearly part of the world we live in. We want this, we want to do that. “

Imaginary Keith, entrepreneurs (Keith Mann) for many women to work in the technology industry (not to mention other industries) or recently have been tracking messages in silicon valley wouldn’t be surprised. The controversy over sexual harassment in the venture capital world and the former GuGe employee’s anti-diversity manifesto is just the latest two of the most obvious stories in the media. Earlier this year, a pair of male and female colleagues exchanged email signatures and encountered a different story of what happened to them when dealing with superiors and clients. It is clear that E-mail based sexism in the workplace resonates with a few.

Gazin and Dwyer are now retired, but they admit they can see his role in the future of Witchsy.


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