An entrepreneur who is a storyteller.


An entrepreneur who is a storyteller.

According to professor William g. gartner, the narrative of entrepreneurs can provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to solve startup problems and overcome the many obstacles facing business development. Illustration: Pernille brun Andersen.

Why the students would say, they tell their stories from entrepreneurs, rather than learn more from the traditional lectures, the world’s leading entrepreneurs and scholars professor bill Gartner launched an investigation into the long term, in order to find out why is so important to tell stories of entrepreneurship education.

Since 2013, Bill Gartner has been a professor of entrepreneurship and innovative art at CBS Copenhagen school of business management, politics and philosophy. His current scholarship on CBS focuses on the language of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial practice. His work in this field supports the study of narrative theory and practice development to improve entrepreneurship education and training.

The paradox of entrepreneurship

Bill Gartner, when he started his business, first identified the entrepreneur’s narrative or the “paradox” of storytelling, but he struggled for years:

“If I ask any student what they learn most from what I teach, they say,” entrepreneurs talk about their work in class. “I want to know entrepreneurs tell their stories about what they started with and compared to me, as professors provide a framework for giving lectures, books, articles, etc. – why is the story stronger?

He realized that the human story is an important medium for learning about human beings – we think and act through stories.

“It’s one of my things to talk to my classmates about how a person can be successful, but it’s more valuable to see people who actually start a business. Personal stories show that entrepreneurship is possible. When an entrepreneur to share a story, one of the students are more likely to say “if he or she can do it, I also am such”, he says, adding that this identity is to understand why the story is very important to learn business key.

The story, he says, provides entrepreneurs with the details of how to find opportunities, solve startup problems, and overcome the many obstacles that businesses face.

“A very complex set of tasks can be described by a story,” he said.

Language innovator

“Business schools tend to be in a” rational “ways to talk about why entrepreneurs to make a decision, in their stories, however, entrepreneurs talk about when they become entrepreneurs, question how to play a role in life. So entrepreneurs don’t talk about looking for opportunities, they talk about their lives, and how entrepreneurial activity is part of it, “he said.

Bill Gartner is interested in entrepreneurs and is a “language innovator”. He believes they make their own language to communicate their vision:

“I believe what entrepreneurs say and what they say is important. For example, entrepreneurs don’t talk about the way scholars talk about the entrepreneurial process – academics talk about opportunities; Entrepreneurs just mention the idea. And they don’t talk about failure in the way that academics talk about failure. When things don’t go as expected, they may talk about a learning experience, or a chance to move quickly to another opportunity or to change in a new way, “he explains.


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