A good day for cebu! Turn the car wash and car details into big business.


A good day for cebu! Turn the car wash and car details into big business.

In the 1980s, as a young boy growing up in the city of cebu, Vince yap was assigned to clean up his parents’ car. Because of his interest in motor vehicles, he enjoyed the task and even dreamed of making a living, especially sports cars and luxury brands.

He recalls: “I used to clean up the parents’ car in the garage, and said to myself, maybe one day, I can clean up the car, especially those exotic super car, but also can make money.”

“Many years later, this dream has come true,” said the car chain, now in its home town of habu, “a beautiful day!

Young boys dream of washing their cars when they grow up. With the right attitude and enthusiasm, a seemingly benign desire can be transformed into a business of development and prosperity, according to the 36-year-old.

Unlike most other car washes, only one or two branches, NiceDay! There are currently 31 branches in cebu. The company is building its first branch outside of Bacolod’s Cebu, which will open in March. It is also expanding in Mindanao, especially in davao city.

“A wonderful day” started by Leon Quimpo, a long-time entrepreneur, in 2002! It was acquired by Yap only in 2009. There were 11 stores in the car wash. It began with a branch of mandavey, less than 10 kilometers from the city of cebu.

“The real passion of the original founders was teaching and training,” recalls Yap. “he asked me if I was interested in taking the brand. After months of trying, one of the most important decisions I made was to buy the brand and take over. ”

Ever since it started, a good day! There is a strong following among high-income consumers of cars from standard cars to European sports cars. In fact, it has been named as the official car wash and detailed supplier of three leading car brands in cebu for its brand new service vehicles.

Build on a good day! With a good reputation, the city immediately began to strive to achieve his professional laundry and improve service quality while rapidly expanding the branch network vision.

“We want to improve car wash service standards. “The washing machine should be fully trained, ready to wear a full uniform, use only the best car wash, and improve laundry facilities in a comfortable customer lounge,” he said.

Most of its branches are now equipped with air-conditioning, lounges, televisions and WiFi. It also works with local coffee shops and even shopping malls, so customers can get the services they need when they do errands.

The city also invests heavily in staff training and building a strong corporate culture. He once took his staff to a nearby starbucks so they could copy the services offered by the company.

To express his appreciation for the market’s efforts to improve the quality of Yap, he took over in 2009 and will “Nice Day!” The branch network increased 30 times. He has built 20 branches over the past seven years, or nearly twice the number of branches established under the original founders in seven years.

In addition to the market support for brand car washing services, Mr. Ye has decided to join the business to help him expand the nisa branch network from 2009.

However, the city is very selective in offering franchising, with an initial investment of about 250,000 pesos.

The CEO personally meets with each franchisee’s desire to assess whether the business is really their passion, because the service oriented industry requires the owner to do it himself.

“While we want to grow as fast as possible, maintaining the quality of all branches is more important to us. “We have been very careful in selecting franchisee and location,” Yap said. “We treat every franchisee not just as an investor but as a partner. About 30% of our franchisees are already operating in multiple branches. ”

The rapid growth of car ownership in China is a boom in yap’s business.

According to Sunstar’s newspaper, Central Visayas, which focuses on the city, reported a 26 per cent increase in private vehicles between 2011 and 2013.

“Now the price of ordinary cars in the Philippines is more affordable. The development of the BPO industry also enables call center agents to buy new or used vehicles, “Yap said.

This has attracted a large number of new entrants. But the city is at a loss for a more competitive outlook. “Many of our competitors have been trying to replicate our strategy, but it all boils down to consistency and we give our customers.


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