Beyond money: when you invest in what?


Beyond money: when you invest in what?

Let’s put the money aside for the time being. Personally, I believe that a comprehensive approach to investment will touch on the following aspects of life:




The spirit of

The relevant

Today, we’re going to focus on your most important asset and, over time, determine the way this asset grows, and then dividends over and over again. Here are some ideas on how to do this.

Invest in health.

It may seem like a cliche, but your kindergarten teacher is still the same after all these years. “Health is wealth,” we are all told.

“Look at your health; If you have one, praise god and value your conscience, “said yitzak Walton.” health is the second blessing that we mortals can do, and money can’t buy.”

Think about it. Even if you have all the money in the world, like king Midas, you everything he touched turned into money – do you think if you are sick and weak, you really can enjoy all the temptation of wealth?

I don’t mean philosophically. But, if you want to know, go to the hospital today. To be really effective, go to the hospital where the rich are admitted. There you will find that money and health don’t go together.

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Invest in peace of mind.

I vividly recall the conversation I had with the six-year-old, because we were walking around his grandfather’s place.

We passed this big house owned by a famous family in davao. He was curious, and he threw out a series of mature questions, and I really did everything I could to answer every question in a way that a six-year-old brain could digest easily.

But there was a particular problem that made me so frustrated that it was really hard to find a good answer. “Dad, are we rich?” he asked.

What a surprise! I didn’t expect the child to have such a problem. For me, it felt like I was walking next to a 170 IQ student, and while my brain was still working on the answers, I was still chewing on my pencil teacher.

With a confident expression, I answered quickly, “yes!” The growing pop didn’t want to give up easily. Then there was a long silence. As we walked on, I just laughed and thought, “finally, I’m over a genius!

Then came the follow-up question, “why are their houses big and ours small?”

It was a walk up the hill from the rich man’s house to his grandfather’s little house. I’m trying to find oxygen, just as I’m trying to come up with a valid answer without any fake allibis.

I only went five steps to the house in granpa, and I said, “yes, we are rich, because we are healthy, and we have inner peace.

Kung fu panda scene, inner peace.

Fortunately, his understanding of the word “inner peace” is because he saw the movie “kung fu panda” when he was 3 years old. I will always be grateful to you for making this film.

So come back to you. What do you think is the most important inner peace for your overall well-being?

Paramahansa Yogananda said: “without peace of mind, you make a lot of money, just like you die of thirst when you’re bathing in the sea.” The bible says, “if he can gain the world’s interests, lose his soul?

I think it’s helpful to do some soul searching today.

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Invest in knowledge and wisdom.

I am not a true bible man, but king Solomon’s story is one I always liked.

One night god appeared before Solomon and said, “please ask for whatever you want me to give you.”

如果我是所罗门,我会要求钱或者比特币 😉,所以我可以在星巴克买所有的咖啡,把钱交给穷人。

But king Solomon was wise. Not only did he not use money to impress his friends with money, but he demanded “wisdom and knowledge, and I could go out and be in front of this man, who could rule this great nobleman?”

Because of this, god blessed him more: “because you have this idea, you do not ask for wealth, wealth or honor… Wisdom and knowledge have been given to you. And I will give you riches, and riches, and glory, as the Kings that were before you, and none after you.

Most people, of course, want to get rich first, and then become smart (knowledge and wisdom). Don’t be like most people.

It’s like Solomon.

Fortunately, there is no better time to invest than now. Because of the Internet, we are very lucky because the Internet has given people a lot of information and education resources. So take advantage of that.

Give yourself a gift with an ebook.

If you don’t like reading, switch to an audio book.

Or, if you are a visual type, take an online learning course.

Whatever you do, don’t make Facebook the only “book” you read day after day.

Invest in good relationships with others.

No one has been helped by someone at some point in time to lead such a life. I think only the most arrogant can recognize this fact.

The truth is, your success depends on your relationships with others. That is, you can relate them to them.

For the sake of success, let’s determine who these other people are. Here’s a short list:

Immediate family – husband, wife, life partner and child.

Parents, siblings and relatives.

Business partners, employers, employees, colleagues.

Friends, neighbors, your coach, mentor.

Others – your doctor, hairdresser, waiter, taxi driver, customer, customer, etc.

Although it is important to maintain good relationships with all people, it is also important to put time and energy into the most important person, even if it is important to be with the enemy.

You see, some people don’t know who the important people are. They spend most of their time with people who have problems with their first laugh.

Be smart when dealing with people. Some will give you the push you need to get you to your goal. Others are wasting their precious energy on the mission of life.

Invest in you

I mean, first of all, you have to work on yourself so that you can attract and show what you want in any part of your life.

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. Not only will it improve your life, it will improve the lives of everyone around you, “says Robin Sharma. It’s like running your life from the inside out, and everyone benefits.

Please follow Henry Ford: “old people always advise young people to save money. That’s bad advice. Don’t save every nickel. Invest in yourself. I never saved a dollar before I was forty. ”

Remember, you are an asset, too. If you invest in you, the asset will appreciate.


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