Spreading interruption: the coming digital shadow of Philippine real estate.


Spreading interruption: the coming digital shadow of Philippine real estate.

The first part

D ISRUPTION! -the word, the digital entrepreneur is like waving a chainsaw to scare the normal business.

But sometimes like the real estate industry like a thief in the night that experienced a slow creep, quietly changed the rules, subtly shift the balance of power, it is in the maintenance of corporate harmony and follow not want to lose the outsiders and greater appetite for depth change. This article is written from the Angle of five technical thought leaders.

Marketing futurists Brad gather (Brad Geiser) found two distinct dialogue, the two dialogue involves technical discussion in the field of real estate: “we should use the technology to improve our already successful model”, “we need to completely change our business model of technology advantage”. People who are used to traditional methods think they can immunize against technology by adding a little bit of it here and there. Mr Geizer described the moves as “slow, isolated and budgetary strangulation”.

At the same time, their marketing teams are starting to do business with platforms that generate queries online. “They think these platforms are great. They are cheap and effective alternatives to traditional advertising. “Geiser said. The problem is that marketers don’t always think like business people. If Uber and Air B&B or amazon have taught us anything, then who owns the platform is his power. Real estate executives often believe that ownership of buildings gives them power. “Tell the man who owns the taxi.” “You still make money, but you can’t make money,” he says.

The speed of real estate in social media.

Angelyn Soh, an asean social media expert and managing director of social development, is one of the country’s fastest-growing social media organizations.

“We believe that digitalization is bridging the gap between a measurable sales and brand leadership that is only generating participation or awareness. With the development of the real estate business, through the keep up with the pace of the digital innovation, make sure they don’t fall behind, now or never to become a part of what is likely to create a large number of sales. “Soh said.

Soh points directly to an important industry sensitive point: “Numbers will replace real estate agents in the future to take the lead in real estate. For most of the people on social media, more and more, to play a leading role, just like, click on the “learn more” or “appointment booking” button as simple, to ensure the safety of the slot or view the unit. Further steps are taken to allow agents to explain the property, giving potential buyers more time to immerse themselves in the actual property itself.

“Now, with most consumers online and social, with the growth of social media and cell phone usage, information can be passed with a click of a button. Most potential customers are stuck in their mobile phone, no matter on the way from work, at home, at work, even in class about area, data is now in one of the most important things in the daily lives of consumers. In both Facebook and YouTube video to watch the latest virus, on Twitter to share an interesting memes, release your # ootd on sets, social media is a very important part of consumer life, regardless of their age, gender, religion, content “for everyone.

Soh points out that the digital age buyers are completely different from the real estate investors of the past.

“With the increasing consumption capacity of the Filipino working class, they are able to put money into real estate that is growing in real estate. In addition, you must understand that when the buyers think that today, about the new investment property, they first place in the digital platform and brand must be in the point of contact, to ensure that they reach their target audience correctly, at the right time, with the right message to produce the right call to action. ”

Pull and push

The promotion of digital revenue is what the advertising community calls the concept of programming. It involves modeling online behavior to better understand who your real customers are and where they are online so that you can pursue them with different advertising strategies. This is one of the most consistent business methods ever devised.

JP Salustiano, managing director of Cadreon, and the top practitioners of the science believe that the landscape of consumers is at the foot of the industry. “We live in a continuous time, people are faster than brands. The Internet has dramatically changed the way customers make decisions, especially for high-priced goods and transactions that may change lives. From technology-driven change consumption habits to OLX, Lamudi even Facebook access point availability of new customers, it is undeniable that real estate brand must adapt to the changing market and win the market “today.

Salustiano revealed a tactical approach to creating a business.

“A lot of people now go online to do a quick study before even thinking about real estate, which has become a key step in the decision-making process. Online assets are also used to showcase new projects, enhance brand credibility, and give buyers a destination that they are looking for and considering. The combination of search advertising and online resources is often used by developers as a “pull” strategy to attract users who are interested in the current product and ultimately convert them.

Through programmed systems, brands can target people who are interested in real estate through their online behavior and search patterns. For example, if a person in makati search a condo, a developer can be a he will visit the site on the second day, provide a makati for this particular person property of advertisement, no matter whether it is related to real estate.

In addition, programing can be targeted at people who may not be actively looking for a property right now, but may be triggered by the right information. For example, if a retired father sees a digital AD for a property in the global city of bonifatheo, he might consider buying a unit for his son. Programing is by transcending demographic data and considering other factors, such as relevant interests and background, at first glance may not be directly and categorically.

“In short, programming is about smart goal positioning – providing the right information to the right user at the right place and time at the right price.” “The key is to know when and how to use it, depending on the circumstances,” Salustiano said. Cadreon help real estate developers to sell their property, to ensure that the real potential buyers in their access to the web site receives almost tailored information for them, and at the right time to accept.

Digital advertising is at the heart of many advertising campaigns, but a complete transformation from traditional to digital (from broadcasting to programming) will not happen in the next few years. Who can break the perfect balance between push-pull marketing, owning, winning and sharing the media will win. For real estate, the right combination of online assets, search, social media activities and programmed advertising can lead to better results.


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