The real reason why successful entrepreneurs break the rules.


The real reason why successful entrepreneurs break the rules.

You may have noticed that in this month’s blog, it’s all about how entrepreneurs break the rules.

From a profit-oriented mindset to acting like a beginner to taking action, despite the fear, entrepreneurs are constantly undermining the success story because you build your personal brand myth.

What we haven’t covered is why the most successful entrepreneurs always seem to be breaking the rules.

You might think you already know: get different results? Find status or attention for their breakthrough ideas?

Well, it is. Sometimes. But this is only part of the story. The real reason for breaking the rules is much simpler… And it’s a lot more complicated.

There are no rules

I think we all know that, to be honest, but we don’t believe it. After all, there have to be some rules, right? There’s some authority there that tells us what all of us should do, so when someone does something different, it produces news?

Not at all.

This is the matrix, you guys. No spoon, no rules. When you find your tribe, you can successfully do whatever you want and in any way you want.

I’m serious. There are entrepreneurs as professional helmsmen, reading books for those who read, and thriving as shippers of snow. Do you think these people would start a successful business if they listened to the rules?

The same to you.

In fact, I bet that the more rules you try to find and follow, the less likely you are to succeed in your career.

Don’t misunderstand: you don’t have to have a crazy, unheard-of idea to achieve the “don’t follow the rules” condition. Whatever business you want to grow, I want you to understand that you have to build your business in your own way. Even if there are rules (no!! ) they don’t apply to you either.

So, what should I do now?

I understand why rules are such a comfortable idea. When you consider an important thing, such as starting or developing a business, they can make you feel safe. If you follow the rules, you will be sure of success.

Well, for better or worse, never, my friend will never be. No one has succeeded beyond their dreams. They sit back and wonder, “what do these rules say?” Can you imagine Steve jobs or Jeff bezos knowing or even caring about what other people are doing?

This means that the next time you’re considering a big decision, in search of “what should I do with X?” “Or” how do you insert well-known entrepreneurs here? It’s good to know what other people have done, and it’s good for background and inspiration, but I warn you not to do what they do because they’ve done it and written it down.

They have found a way to fit them, which is great, but it doesn’t even predict how successful they will be in the same way.

Instead, try this: when you need to make a decision, do it. That’s how it becomes your rule.

Too simple? That’s the point!

The only way to make a decision is to make a decision, and the more you exercise your muscles, the more you can become an authority on your own space. In addition, if you rely on other people’s “rules” to make these decisions for you, then you will no longer build your business. You’re building them.

Thought experiment

The next time you see an article about someone “breaking the rules”, ask yourself what the rules are. I’ve done it a few times, and the answer is always funny, because you’ll soon see that they don’t exist. When bezos created amazon, the rule was, “don’t create an online company?” Of course not, although his stories are often framed in this way. In fact, this rule does not exist because the context does not exist.

The same to you. Every decision you make is a rule, and your particular set of rules does nothing for you.


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