Back at school, ikea hackers broke down on Sunday.


Back at school, ikea hackers broke down on Sunday.

Let the kids start a good start and make sure everything goes well and the kids go back to school.

Whether it’s going back to school or going back to work, a week of work can cause severe congestion in the high-traffic areas of your home.

We talked to Tabitha Krygsman, an interior designer in ikea Australia, who raised important tips on how to keep these areas running smoothly, no matter how busy your family is.

Ikea wall storage

The clever wall storage solution in the hallway will help you stay on top this year. Graph: ikea

Back to school: the secrets of tabitha’s big five.

Create a weekly plan.

A great way to help keep your stress level down and track what’s going on, and when to create a weekly plan that everyone knows about today. Tracking tasks and activities is also a useful method.

Ikea maze bulletin board.

Use the VAGGIS board to create a look, $9.99. Graph: ikea

The weekly organizer can be a place where everyone can write, paint, or insert activities every day. You may find it convenient to keep track of all those extracurricular activities.

Tip: consider where to add a smartphone or tablet to recharge.

Ikea flisat wall storage.

Weekly planning tips: use tape and whiteboard paint, and create a shelf with FLISAT wall storage solution ($19.99). Graph: ikea

2. Create a bag packing station.

Starting a new school year means lots of new activities – and lots of things. A good idea to stay organized is to put together the space you have in front of your front door.

Look at 10 things people do before bed:

10 things people do before going to bed play video.


It also helps those bags that are often discarded when they arrive, but can’t be found when it leaves again. One solution is to make a packet and unpack.

Consider using portable bags and overcoats, shoes and drawers to store shoes and clothing for extra items such as sporting goods, keys or extra clothes.

Ikea lixhult cabinet yellow.

The LIXHULT cabinet ($25), you can store and have interesting options on it. It also has different shapes and sizes. Have fun! Graph: ikea

3. Add storage solutions for everyday objects.

This is a fairly common dilemma – shoes often find their place on the floor, even when shelves are stored. Consider using a basket that can easily pull out your shoes near the front door, or use keys, phone calls, wallets and teddy bears.

Why do you stop at shoes? Whether it’s a sun hat, pullover or raincoat, the highly adjustable position of each family member’s clothes and accessories makes them easier to find.

Ikea algot besh basket.

The ALGOT basket ($6) is perfect and can be used as a single storage box or as part of a larger wall-mounted storage solution. Personalize it to suit your family’s preferred activities. Graph: ikea

Set up a special snack area.

When tired and hungry children come home from school, it’s best to have a clear snack path. It could be as simple as a few baskets on a railroad track.

In this way, you can also make sure you have the right food takeaway, eliminating the temptation to be sweeter. Consider a fruit, a water or drink, and a mix of your favorite healthy snacks.

The ikea bittergurka sowing machine.

The BITTERGURKA seed drill ($14.99) is a fun way to store a comfortable lunch so children can grab their way out. Graph: ikea

Another idea is to have a lunch basket by the door, so everyone can have lunch at home. You can also have a snack at home.

Ikea risatorp basket.

The other option is the RISATORP basket ($14.99). Graph: ikea

Imagine an imaginary tent.

After all the organizations and activities, it is equally important for children to have a place to relax, relax and play.

At the end of the day, quiet space not only helps boost energy from busy new studies, but also helps children sleep better. Any comfortable corner can be done; Just add cushions, games, toys and books – whatever appeals to you.

Ikea’s children’s tent.

Design an easy space, children can let their imagination roam after school. Graph: ikea


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