How to decorate a nursery?


How to decorate a nursery?

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Billions of little princesses (and princes) are born every day. So how do we prepare for them? Decorating the nursery can be an equally exciting and annoying process.

Let’s help you provide some tips on the latest decorating trends – and some safety tips to provide a stylish, harmless starting point for newborns.

Baby basics

For new parents who decorate the nursery, it takes a lot of work and learning how to do it. If time is next to you, try to plan the nursery, so that its style and furniture will not be in a hurry. Thus, it is not necessary to redecorate until the baby has moved from the crib to a large bed.

If you decorate the baby’s room until the last minute, don’t be nervous – there are plenty of shops full of nursery. You don’t even have to worry about repainting or wallpapering, because the prepack contains a variety of themes and color decorations to remove the wall stickers.

The nursery

Temporary wallpaper is a good choice for nursery.

If your budget lets you down – you’re lucky. Secondhand baby furniture is a booming business, and you may not need to look at your friend’s garage or classified ads, such as ebay, a bargain. The handmade online marketplace Etsy also has many unique and affordable child care programs.

Remember: if you choose a pre-loved piece of furniture, make sure it fits the KidSafe standard in your state. (see an in-depth guide at the bottom of the page.)

Colors and themes

Gone are the days when you knew your child’s gender meant a pink girl or a boy’s blue nursery. Fifty years ago, these colors might have been obvious choices, but parents had to choose a plan that suited their tastes, styles and other families.

Sue Jackson, founder of the lighting boutique Little Light House, a children’s decor and fabric designer, advises parents to choose fabrics that fit their budgets, baby needs and existing furniture.

Jackson’s most popular girl color is still traditional pink and purple, with flowers or butterflies. “For boys, there’s a range of popular choices – blue and red are among the best in the cowboy, pirate or stripe,” she said.

The nursery

If you want to maintain gender neutrality, lime green can be a good base color.

If you want to avoid the color – classic crisp white linen can be perfectly matched with a wooden bed, or a more elegant white look, you can choose waffle. If the crib is white, use bolder colored sheets. If you can’t decide on a color theme, use neutral tones and bright colors to decorate wallpaper paint or decoration – if you change your mind, you can always raise your seat cover.

Act the role ofing is tasted

Curtains, lampshades and cushions are a great accessory for a perfect room appearance that can be used from early to early adolescence. Many new mothers also rely on comfortable cushions to support their backs while feeding new babies.

Jackson said many parents chose a lamp or pad as an independent compromise and preferred not to match the rest of the decor.

Funny toys or visual stimulants can be their own right accessory – music cell phone, cute hook and personalized brand name.

How to prove the safety

Baby crawl

Home is the most common place for child injuries.

Each year, about 6,500 children (125 children per week) in new south wales will seek medical treatment from the injuries involved in nursery schools. Of those, 540 were hospitalized and ten died. Many infants and young children injury involving the nursery furniture, so before you plan and purchase, take time to study the current standards and guidelines, so that you can make a wise choice in terms of the safety of product design.

Here are some helpful tips to help you create a safe environment for your baby:

Consider the Australian/New Zealand standard (AS/NZ 2172) AS a safer option for cribs.

Buy a fit, clean, solid mattress.

Follow the advice of emergency infant death syndrome (SIDS) when investing in flax.

Bumpers and toys in cribs can reduce the flow of babies, which may be a factor in small island developing countries.

Babies don’t need a pillow before they sleep in a big bed.

Choosing a window dressing without a rope, bead or attachment may cause choking or choking hazard.

Place a crib on a window or other item (such as a toy or bookcase).

When the baby is sleeping, only use the heater to heat the baby’s room and remove it.

It is safest to monitor an infant at any time on a replacement table – the lower the ground, the safer it is for the adult to replace the baby on the ground.

Make sure the area is not within reach of the baby and consider when the baby will move.

Ideal toy box design: lightweight, unremovable cover, stoma and far away from the crib to prevent them from falling off the crib.


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