How to take care of the dog when you leave the park?


How to take care of the dog when you leave the park?

There’s a dog park – and there’s a dog park. If you’re lucky enough to live in a better neighborhood, you’ll know.

Travel nine kilometers northeast of Melbourne’s central business district, and you’ll find yourself in a spacious and wonderful, 33-hectare urban jungle reserve, the darrybin park.

The echidna, fox, more than 70 species of birds, and even strange kangaroo can be found here – and picnic, school groups and young families, this means that young is not the only enjoy the hidden paradise.

A dog owner said, “I call the dog Disneyland.

Another local, Jordan Andonovski, often brings his friendly Monster Monster here.

“He’s a little scary, so a horrible monster is what we’re after.” Jordan said.

Alphington Darebin Parklands

Darebin Parklands, adjacent to Alphington and Ivanhoe, is an inland oasis for residents and their pets. Image: Erinna Giblin.

The monster may seem “a bit scary,” but his body language is positive – he’s playing with Jordan and other dogs, and he has a strong recall ability.

Dr Thulasi Sarvananthar, a veterinary behaviorist in the Victoria state of RSPCA, said the two behaviours were important to establish dogs before they were taken away from the park.

The dog owner and his dog monster.

Jordan and the monster play in albindon.

When a dog is around other people and dogs, especially in a hyper-stimulating environment like Darebin Parklands, dogs can be distracted and even anxious.

For many dogs, taking them to the local outlying park may be the best part of their day when they are healthy and well trained.

This is why it is important for you and your friends to experience positive experiences.

Dr. Sarvananthar Shared her tips for bringing your dog to the park responsibly:

Ensure visual identification – the identification tag on the dog’s collar and the latest contact information.

Train your dog to remember – especially when there are many other dogs and distractions around, you need to be confident that your dog will come back and call you. The best way to do this is to engage in behavioral training (using behavioral trainers) and use positive reinforcement techniques.

Monitor body language closely – a lot of times, dogs give you visual cues because they can’t talk. Not all dogs are comfortable with strangers or other dogs. For some people, this can cause stress and anxiety. It’s good to catch up with other dog owners, but make sure you watch your dog at all times so you can pick up the signal.

Always take: treatment, water, bag – you can’t always predict what would happen in leave the park, so if you have treatment for your dog has a high value – you will have a greater ability to drove them away from the dangerous area or situations. The Poo bag is a necessary condition for ensuring a beautiful park.

Does your dog like peeling? -not all dogs want to run away. For many dogs, mental stimulation is just as tiring as physical exercise. If possible, the best thing to do is to take your dog out during the quiet time of the day.

Let your dog sniff – this is a common owner walking around the park at his own pace, not stopping his dog, but trying to slow it down and make them smell the roses. Dogs can smell a lot. It can be very attractive and exciting.

Pay attention to your dog’s physical abilities – the joy of dogs that dogs can handle depends on their individual needs. Usually 20 to 30 minutes a day is enough, but older dogs may need less time, especially if they have potential medical problems. Young dogs with higher energy may need more time. If your dog looks tired, it’s time to go.

Finally, Dr. Sarvananthar recommends all pets:


So far, vaccinations and routine preventive care.

Have the latest microchip and registration information.

“In general, you want to make sure that they are healthy and healthy, because if they go into the park, they are less likely to pick up anything in that environment,” she said.

Yes, now you can safely say your dog’s “W”!

A dog that stands out from the owner.


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