Sustainable architecture and design: why is it important?


Sustainable architecture and design: why is it important?

As the global climate and natural resources continue to dry up, it is more important than ever that we begin to consider the impact of buildings and infrastructure on the environment.

Today, we’re talking to Peter Stutchbury about sustainable architecture and design – why it’s important.

Australian architect Peter Stutchbury.

Song. How important is sustainability when designing a house?

This is fundamental. After nearly a hundred years of work on this planet, all of us have a responsibility to reduce our consumption of the world’s resources.

Having an environmentally friendly family makes you aware of the daily energy consumption and makes you a more serious person. Saving energy also means saving money, which means less money is wasted on energy.

It eventually makes life more comfortable. For example, if you design your home, you realize the seasons, where the sun rises and falls, you can build your home to take advantage of the sun you need most. This is about welfare. You can change the nature of the house by designing it in full with respect.

You can change the nature of the house by designing it in full with respect.


Song. What is the biggest challenge in designing an environmentally friendly family?

Environmental protection is a broad term. Personally, I like to focus on the spiritual elements of the house and the happiness from the house.

It is obviously very important to use environmental protection when designing your home environment, so you are aware of the space you live in. For example, if you build a house like a box, with little ventilation and few Windows, you are likely to become quite introverted.

I use the word “environmental respect” to consider respecting the neighbors, respecting the climate and respecting the urban landscape.

Sustainability is also important, which means that systems that reduce the amount of energy used in residential buildings make buildings a fully respected structure.

Architects design and read property.

Song. What are the top three things you always consider when designing a “green” house?

People – everyone is unique and different. It is irresponsible to design a family that is not suitable for people’s differences. Think of a tailored suit. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and they are designed to fit the individual who will wear it. Houses should be no different. They should be designed specifically for the people they live in.

Place – you can’t grow rainforest in the desert. You have to consider where you build the atmosphere and cater to your design.

Connect – a good architect will establish connections between family style and city, suburb or country.

Open sustainable living room.

Song. In the current home design, what are the first three things you want to see that make them greener?

The degree of adaptation – architects have a lot of laws against them, they are very strict. For example, height restrictions do not always cater to the steepness of the land we are building. More flexibility in building restrictions will have a major impact on the construction industry.

Climate response – in Queensland, we need to stop catering for a large number of families and start embracing local style homes and building structures outside. It’s just a more reasonable, reasonable and sustainable way to build a family.

People’s awareness – many architects in the industry don’t know how to build environmentally friendly homes. Providing a simple two-hour workshop for professionals and clients will make the design process easier. Many architects in the industry do not know how to build a respectful home.

A wooden house designed by an architect.

Song. What do you think about sustainable architecture and design for the future?

If we reflect on the past ten years, sustainable design and architecture have hardly been talked about, only a few people are practicing.


Now, this is regulation, so every architect should have at least one opinion. Because of the way we use the world’s resources, it must become mandatory. We can’t go on because our resources are running out.

We also need to downsize and live in small houses. Now the building is too big and needs too much energy – I know it costs more than $30, 000 a year.

Now the buildings are too big and need too much energy.

We need to look back at the buildings that were built 50 years ago and transform them into modern and sustainable buildings that we can feel good about.


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