Volvo, Uber shares security autonomy.


Volvo, Uber shares security autonomy.

Learned this news Volvo car, with its safety, ride sharing company already, is to develop the next generation of automatic driving cars (AD), finally achieved the SAE grade 5 standard (no steering wheel control), may lead to comfort those who fear, doubt, or just by this radical robots driven people.

But this latest development is further evidence that the AD is the public commitment with Volvo also take further measures, that is, since 2020, no one to take new models will be killed or seriously injured. The bold statement was first published in 2007, heralding the introduction or development of a variety of security features that automakers believe can achieve their goals.

Volvo also believes that AD will see human factors as the main cause of the crash. It is expected to push the safety of driving to an incredible new level.

Support for Volvo is a massive accident analysis database dating back to 1970. It involved 42,000 accidents, ranging from mild to fatal, involving 72,000 passengers. Anders Eugensson, head of government affairs at Volvo cars, said the information constituted a target for assessing targets for 2020.

As in 2020, so far, the in the Volvo engineers Nils Bohlin create three-point seatbelt 60 years later, the AD not only may become commonplace sometime in the future, and it may no longer be restricted and airbag. Eugensson.

The SAE 5 is a big step.

“We are working on autonomous driving technology at SAE level 4,” he told automotive engineering. Reach level 5, he explained, would be a big step, need a lot of investment, but will bring enormous benefits to the society as a whole, not just through traffic management, but also will affect the safety of the medical economy level. .

Volvo – already contact based vehicle will see two companies use the same type for the next phase of their own independent strategies in industrial partners are expected to be a long term relationship.

Volvo’s current XC90, S90 and V90 models use modular, scalable product architecture (SPA) to create new base vehicles. SPA extensibility will allow for the security, redundancy, and other functions required for AD operations.

“More than a million people die each year in car accidents,” said Travis Kalanick, chief executive of Uber. These are the tragedies that self-driving technology can help solve, but we can’t do it alone. “Therefore, the tie-up with Volvo will enable the two companies to reach the expected timetables in order to introduce a comprehensive AD in the global context.

The fact that this timetable is different from the different legislation in individual countries adds to the investment needed to justify the potential capacity of a fully autonomous system. The cost includes running large autonomous test vehicles in major European cities, which Volvo is currently working on.

Eugensson stresses Kalanick’s words that 90 to 95 percent of accidents are caused by human error. So does this mean that fully autonomous vehicles will see similar Numbers reduce accidents?

“Almost. “Cars can make every decision, not feel tired or distracted, but still interact with some” normal “road users, he said. This means pedestrians and bicyclists, other vehicles (traditional and AD), especially at intersections, and other vehicles at red light.

He believes that while he admits the accident rate may not fall by 95 per cent, Volvo’s system will have more intelligence to deal with it within a year or two. “In addition, if a self-driving car enters a pedestrian area, we have to be very careful and very slow.”


Most of the technology that will be used for autonomous driving will be extrapolated from the system already used in Volvo cars. These include radar, stereo camera, ultrasound, satellite navigation, etc., let the car can be from any direction (or even at the top) know the surrounding environment, environment is arrived, such as low Bridges or into the parking lot.

Eugensson is confident about the future of Volvo’s technology, adding: “maybe future cars will also be a mobile living room. It can be used as a means of communicating with other passengers, because if we produce cars, so there is no collision, because “driver” can be turned around, and even can eat on the journey! In fact, there are no such drivers. ”

No one will need to be in the driver’s seat now, he predicts, the car will be completely autonomous, providing a 30-year forecast.

This is a seemingly extraordinary statement from a senior management of a mature OEM, but it highlights the level of technological progress that has been achieved.

While Volvo will retain its safety USP, all other autonomous vehicles will also need to meet very high legal standards, which in theory will create a competitive environment for safe technology levels. So Volvo had to revise its USP. It is already doing so, and plans to elevate its quality and image to the upper echelon, combining security and high levels of comfort and competence.

“But it’s not just about putting technology on the car, we have to assure the customer that we’ve done it all. “Eugensson said.

Volvo’s big car SPA is complemented by a compact modular structure (CMA) for its small cars, which must meet Volvo’s safety standards and AD plans for 2020. “SPA and CMA are related, but in different sizes,” said HelenaBergstromPilo, vice President of the 40 series (small car series). The first car to use the CMA will be available by the end of 2017. We haven’t published the details yet, but we have shown two concepts, 40.1 and 40.2 that show the capability of this architecture.

CMA can use include a series of electric power system, in the fierce competition in the link, expand meet Volvo’s ultimate security objectives design and engineering challenges, while maintaining the quality and cost reduction, comfort and quality.

But Pilo points out that the common challenge in all models is AD. “It extends this technology to the level of absolute autonomy in all traffic situations. This is a challenge for Volvo and the entire automotive industry. “


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