Wallpaper: a simple DIY idea.


Wallpaper: a simple DIY idea.

Many people think of applying wallpaper and shaking in their shoes. But the app is a simple DIY project that will get a lot of rewards.

Eco-friendly wallpaper

Some manufacturers are producing environmentally friendly wallpapers produced using sustainable wood products. If you can’t find the green wallpaper, consider using a flat texture wallpaper and using volatile organic compounds (VOC) coatings – environmentally friendly because of their low emissions.

Wallpaper prompt

There are a few tricky areas, such as Windows, doors and power points – not to mention the patterns of every drop – but we give you some tips to help you create a wall of art.

Prepare the surface properly before applying the wallpaper (see below).

Set aside enough time to do the job properly.

The basic DIYer should spend about a day putting up wallpaper for the room.

Contact your retailer to learn more about hanging paper and your ability.

If in doubt – hire a good paperhanger to do the job for you.

The preparation of


Prepare a special wallpaper preparation solution (wallpaper size) surface.

If you paste the wallpaper directly into the wall, do not use wallpaper.

The wallpaper manufacturer will include the preparation direction on the back of the paper.

The wall of the rendering

Make sure the walls are sealed.

Even out/fill very rough or uneven areas.

Put a regular pre-sticker on the wallpaper.


Painted wallpaper.

I need to paste it.

Instead of sticking it on the back of the paper – stick it on the wall.

Paste on the wall can only be painted paper (and other brands, check first).

Put the paper on the wall and let it dry overnight.

Only acrylic lacquers can be used as some enamels to dissolve the pattern.

Paste in advance

It has been pasted on the back of the paper.

Immerse the paper in the water in the wallpaper tank (you can buy it at the wallpaper store).

After wet paper, let it rest for 15 minutes – like a steak – because it softens the paper and makes it easier to hang up.

Apply paper to the wall.

Connect the wallpaper seam – do not overlap.

Smooth wallpaper is smoother.

Do not overwork the paper, or it may stretch, this will separate the joints, the original wall can be passed.

Not paste

Most of the design wallpaper is not pasted in advance.

Make sure the drops are plastered.

Apply to walls.

Let the paper stick for 15 minutes, like a steak, soften the paper and make it easier to hang.

Trouble spots


Hang on the power point, gently feel the corner. Using a blade or wallpaper knife, cut a cross at the top of the power point, leaving four smaller triangles (and the surface of the power point below the triangular flap). Trim the triangle and you will have a clean power point.

The price

The price of wallpaper depends on quality and origin. Wallpapers from New Zealand are generally cheaper than those imported from Europe or the United States. The house needs to be repainted every five to eight years, and the wallpaper can last twenty years. Compare coating cost and wallpaper. If you want to constantly change the look of the decor – painting may be the best option.


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