Blackberry introduced a game-changing network security product.


Blackberry introduced a game-changing network security product.

In a keynote speech at the north American international auto show (NAIAS), John Chen, executive chairman and CEO of blackberry limited, unveiled the blackberry Jarvis, a transformative software network security product. Blackberry first popularized the solution to carmakers, whose complex software supply chain created compelling emergency cases that Jarvis could help solve today. Blackberry also points out that jarvis applies to other industries, citing health care, industrial automation, aerospace and defense as examples of other areas, and immediately needs the product.

Jarvis decades of network security based on the company, on the basis of professional knowledge and know-how is unique static binary code scanning solutions based on cloud, can identify a car software flaws. Jarvis scans within minutes and provides insight into the operation, otherwise a manual scan would require a lot of expert and impractical time.

“Connection type and autonomous cars need to develop some of the most complex software, which is a big challenge for car manufacturers, car manufacturers must ensure that the code in line with the industry and manufacturers specific standards, at the same time for cyber criminals to build a very big and very attractive attack surface” blackberry executive chairman and chief executive officer John Chen said.

The challenge for the original device makers is to use hundreds of software components, many of which are written by a wide network of third-party vendors at multiple levels. This distributed supply chain provides many advantages and increases the opportunity for human error, which can slow down the production cycle and affect overall quality.

Chen continued: “Jarvis is OEM to change the rules of the game, because they are the first time of vehicle safety of the whole code base has a complete, consistent and near real-time view, and need to be insightful and thorough study forecast and repair loophole, ensure compliance, and stay ahead before the bad actors. ”

How does jarvis work?

Jarvis is provided in a pay-as-a-go manner and can be customized according to the unique needs of each OEM and its entire software supply chain. After startup, the car manufacturer will be able to access Jarvis online and scan any number of binaries at each stage of the software development. This includes assessing the capabilities of new software being considered and assessing the capabilities of existing production software. Once scanned, the development team can immediately access the results through a user-friendly dashboard and provide special attention and advice.

In addition to saving costs and time, BlackBerry Jarvis also helps ensure that production software meets industry standards such as MISRA and CERT, and enables OEM to define custom rules to meet specific organizational goals.

After verification and testing.

Blackberry has already started experimenting with Jarvis with some of the world’s biggest carmakers.

Dr Ralf Speth, chief executive of Jaguar Land Rover, said: “the common goal of Jaguar Land Rover and BlackBerry is to turn the most intelligent vehicle into reality. “Blackberry jarvis solves the auto industry demand for network security software, in our independence study, jarvis provides high efficiency in the listed time, greatly reducing the safety assessment code from 30 days to seven minutes. Blackberry’s reliable safety legacy can change vehicle safety. ”

Provides a secure basis for connecting and autonomous vehicles.

As the car industry safety certification, safe and reliable software leader, blackberry OEM around the world to provide the most advanced network security technology, to reduce the risk in automotive software of network attack. Blackberry’s lineage in terms of security and continued innovation has led to the recent success of automotive design companies such as baidu, Delphi, electronics, NVIDIA, qualcomm and visteon.


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