Can airbags really protect you? Without it, the airbag is a bomb.

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Now when people buy cars, more attention is paid to safety devices, especially airbags. Today, two airbags are not uncommon, and six airbags and eight airbags have become standard matches. With the protection of so many airbags, people seem to feel incredibly safe. But can airbags really protect drivers?
In reality, many people pay attention to the number of airbags, but often don’t wear seat belts. There is even a clever use of the buckle button to avoid the annoying sound of an alarm. In the eyes of these people, a more advanced airbag is sufficient to protect itself, and a seat belt is not available. But the idea is actually quite wrong. When the accident happens, the airbag is a bomb without a seat belt.
This is because the airbag when blasting of the highest speed can reach 300 km/hour, equivalent to a top speed of high-speed trains, the explosive force brings us security at the same time, also can bring us a great deal of explosive force and destructive power, and the impact can be fully put a car tire pop more than ten meters high. It’s just that when an accident happens, the seat belt just pulls you in, avoiding the impact of the airbags popping up and avoiding the dangers of excessive force.
In fact, at the beginning of the design, some of the manufacturers would set up the airbags after they had to fasten the seat belts, so as to avoid the impact of airbags on the human body. But if the owner is smart enough to use a safety belt buckle, the computer mistakenly assumes that the occupant is wearing a seat belt, which will cause the airbag to start properly when the accident happens. And when there is no seat belt protection, airbag pop-up brings strong impact will direct effects on the human body, directly impact the head and chest fracture caused by hemorrhage, serious when can also directly to death.
How do pregnant women and other special people wear seat belts?

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Even with multiple airbags, there is no guarantee that the safety belt will be protected. But for some special groups, such as pregnant women, the seat belt may not work properly. Is there a solution? B: of course.
For example, for pregnant women, with the growing belly of the fetus, and the body is becoming fatter and fatter. In this case, the length of the seat belt may not be enough, and even a pregnant woman may be worried about the possibility of a baby in her tummy. Especially in the event of an accident, the powerful drag force of the seat belt is more likely to damage the baby. But not wearing a seat belt can cause more damage to pregnant women in the event of a traffic accident.
At this point, you need a maternity seat belt. This seat belt specially designed for pregnant women, not only the overall take long to meet demand, and through scientific design, through the fixed position such as thigh root, avoid tight le stomach at the same time, also can effectively protect the stability of the pregnant women in a vehicle meet the condition. It is also easy to install and can be easily used in a week, even if no help is available to pregnant women who are in trouble.
Conclusion: whether the air bag can protect the driver and passengers depends on whether the seat belt is properly fastened. Pregnant women and other special groups can also use the safety of pregnant women to protect themselves.


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