In addition to modeling, what is the reason for the eighth generation camry to buy?


The new eighth-generation camry is arguably the most important new car to be launched in late 2017. According to official figures, it had ordered more than 30, 000 orders in just over a month after it went public on November 16. So, what are the reasons why so many users choose it?
Better detail design and quality.
The eighth generation camry design, because compared with the old style, its modeling design is the change of the earth. For the proportion, the greater proportion pay the eighth generation camry deposit user, because modelling design were drawn to store a car, but finally decided to buy it, but its inner – more excellent detail design and quality of work.
It should be said that the quality of the old camry is also good, consistent with its positioning. However, for the users, the quality of the old camry is not beyond the expectation of the users, especially after a few years on the market, when the German and American rivals are the first to be replaced.
Toyota knows this. So, in the new eighth-generation camry, Toyota has made a lot of effort not only to make the design work, but also to improve the quality of the work, even to the level of luxury cars.
According to the test drive experience of various media in the early stage, the work quality of the 8th generation camry is mainly reflected in two aspects. The first is that the exterior work is quite exquisite.
Because the design of the eighth generation camry is quite young and sporty, the use of a large number of complex lines, the production and manufacturing of high requirements. It not only needs lower error in sheet metal stamping, but also requires more precision in the process of vehicle assembly. From the final mass-production car, Toyota’s manufacturers turned in a satisfactory answer. We will read more about the appearance in detail later.
The second point of exquisite workmanship is embodied in the interior. Look at the interior of the eighth generation camry at first sight, and you will feel the high sense of it. In terms of layout, the y-type interior design is adopted, which is more in favor of the driver in man-machine engineering, which is beneficial to the driver’s control of the vehicle. From the material point of view, whether it be vice driving position of imitation wood decorative light, or the control panel around the piano lacquer panels, or leather seats, in the visual and tactile, have made a senior feeling, and the organic combination together, won’t appear clutter. In addition, the sewing thread on the central console, the operation of various buttons, the air outlet of the air conditioner and the chrome decoration in the direction are also very delicate.
Not long ago, mogo took part in a new generation of lexus LS launch event, which impressed the interior of the car deeply, which reflected the luxury of the east. The new 8th generation camry, though not as luxurious as LS, has also impressed me a lot.
More cost-effective configuration.
When the eighth-generation camry went public, its price should have been a surprise to us, but in the case of Mexico, the eighth camry was most surprised to be more generous in its configuration.
The whole system is equipped with LED headlights, LED fog lamps and LED combination taillights, all of which are equipped with EPB electronic hand brake, brake holding function, ESP, and the whole system is equipped with 10 airbags! In addition to the 2.0e, other car models are equipped with HUD, instrument LCD screen, and three-screen interaction of medium control screen.

In today’s mid – and high-end car market, the eighth generation of camry is second to none. Only the same level of luxury brands can meet such standards. Its almost nondiscriminatory safety equipment also marks the same level of safety as even the least matched models.
In the high-distribution model, the eighth generation of camry has a steering wheel electric regulation, rear row seat electric adjustment, JBL stereo and so on, which can only appear in luxury brand models.
To sum up, we can see that Toyota’s configuration design for the eighth generation camry is at least between the traditional mid-range and luxury intermediate cars. Toyota is preparing for this time, for the more abundant configuration, to compete for the middle and high car market champion.
The younger design concept is recognized.
The deluxe version of the big, large grille design can be exaggerated in the picture, but in the real car, the final visual effect is very different from the picture. In the car, its front grille looks very textured, and because of the different layers, it doesn’t look as big as the picture.
And we can see from the real car that the whole design of the front face of the eighth generation camry is similar to that of lexus, and the basic structure is also the design of the spindle. This, the deluxe edition is hidden deeper, see more clearly on the sports version.
Sports version of the design, in the picture look slightly complicated, but in the real car, the first thing we see is fusiform overall layout, then we will see among grille, headlights, bumpers on both sides of the air inlet. The line that looks like complex on the plane, can become distinct in stereo vision, the feeling is completely different.
From the real car, we can feel the designer’s ability to harness complex lines and organic combinations of elements. It’s this ability that makes it look and feel better, which is that the sense of class is much higher than the old camry.


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