It’s a super bovine electric car that will be sold on the market next year or 50,000.


Like tesla, it is a pure electric car brand, but it appears to be more sudden. For many people, I haven’t heard of its name yesterday, but today I have seen the concept car brought by it. The efficiency of making cars in the Internet era is such a cow, not to be satisfied with it.
In fact, the collision between the Internet age and the future of electric cars is bound to produce many miracles. Electric cars to in simple structure of the motor, eliminated complex heavy traditional internal combustion engine, lean imagine: get rid of the awkward engine airframe, get rid of the transmission (motor output characteristic and excellent without transmission), get rid of the transfer (motor can be scattered arrangement on the front axle/round, do not need to transfer two drive / 4 x4), after the car to a huge “lose weight”, that is to say, production of electric cars, almost don’t have to be what mechanical components research and development, improve control software, which is the strengths of the contemporary Internet companies. Layout of randomness at the same time, thanks to the motor and the mechanical structure of the minimalist, electric cars can also easily realize the fine movement characteristics, for example can make the body gravity center, more stable and controllable “50:50” front axle weight ratio.

US-vintage car parking at the roadside, Chevrolet Deluxe 2100 JK Fleetline, 1950, Centro Habana, Havana, Cuba, Caribbean

Because of this, the technical threshold of electric vehicle is actually relatively low, some enterprises that have no traditional mechanical design, manufacturing experience, experience can also get started quickly. Obviously, this makes the “build car” industry more civilian, undoubtedly introduces more wisdom. And these newly in the novice, tend to be creative thinking big cafe, they don’t like those building cars for decades or even hundreds of years of enterprise as conformism, beset by “thinking”. As a result, emerging car companies are not only emerging, but are also bringing in new and novel products. For example, tesla, xiao peng, wei lai, Faraday future, etc., and now, add a baiteng.
In fact, the senior executives are all from the car circle, which can be said to have rich management experience. Combined with the creative thinking of the Internet type, so a watch and you know that worship is really an excellent electric room, it is no exaggeration to say, the car have killed the traditional fuel vehicles in the design, it has introduced the concept of version design can have 85% reserved to the production car, and mass production car can pick up the car in 2019, the earliest entry version is also only 300000 yuan.
In fact, it’s a little bit less like a car, and sitting in it is a bit like flying in a science-fiction movie. With high-grade autopilot system, the driver can no longer worry about the things on the road, just need to concentrate on my face contains information, shopping, entertainment, cars, roads, and many other information super clear of 50 inches LCD screen. To be honest, 50 inches of ultra-clear LCD screens are not always available at home. But can be in the car, it has good information processing ability, good CPU, networking skills, excellent traffic function and excellent driving performance automatically.
With strong data processing power, this car will be very smart. External LED headlights can display the vehicle’s expression; The B column is built with a hidden camera that allows you to unlock your face. The external reflector is obviously redundant; Worship is expected to carry much room motor drive system, which means the driving control is also very powerful (motor, the driver on a single wheel control is more exquisite, vehicles will be can make some special action, such as science class of in situ back, transverse parking into bits, and so on, after we talk about the quality of electric vehicles, may ask “is your car a few motor”, etc.). As entry-level models, you worship at call this car took out a $300000 financing at the same time, it won a large capacity battery capacity up to 71 KWH, this makes worship teng entry-level models can also have more than 400 km range, and it won’t wait too long, as earlier, to 2019, you can get your worship.
Before electric cars do not need to intake, so its face is closed, and cut the outside rearview mirror and a hidden door handle, the car on numerous elements, in exchange for a lower power consumption, lower noise. Of course, in order to drive the vehicle for a longer period of time, baiteng has adopted a lightweight design, with 20% of the body structure made of aluminum.
So, a large vehicle with a height of 4850mm, 1650mm and 1960 mm, with a wheelbase of 2945mm, is not only very low energy, but also quite quiet. In fact, compared with the same outer profile size of internal combustion engine vehicles, its internal space is much more striking: in terms of interior space, by electric cutting the bulk of the mechanical parts, so has the congenital advantage, maximizing space or even close to the external body.


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