It’s not just the self-driving 5G technology that will revolutionize the car ride experience.

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5G technology is a kind of communication technology, which is the next generation of 4G technology. 4 g technology may have to make people feel very quickly, and the speed of 5 g is growing exponentially, the faster the transmission speed and shorter transmission delay, will profoundly affect the industry, the impact on this one or two years of science and technology exhibition has appeared.
The biggest and most intuitive must be autonomous driving, because the most basic part of autonomous driving, the vehicle body capture data and the movement of large computation of the transmission need to use 5G. Autonomous driving itself has a huge amount of data, and the existing 4G will certainly be overloaded. And it takes a very short time to react, and a little bit more delay could lead to a safety hazard. What are the advantages of 5G technology, as the previous article has said, it is the mutual promotion of technology.
After the auto-pilot is mature, which part of the car will be enhanced, of course, the in-car entertainment, the attention of the person from the driving liberation, will pay attention to the audio or the reading effect. Now the in-car entertainment is given priority to with music, a lot of time after the bandwidth increase after may join the hd video, whether by increasing control screen, or has gradually mature windscreen projection, audio visual experience will be better.
As with in-car entertainment, the demand for mobile office will also increase after attention is liberated, and many self-driving concept cars are already adjusting the way seats are arranged in the car. Mobile office needs to be demonstrated. When video meeting is required, huge amount of data will be generated, which will put pressure on relatively backward existing transmission technologies. After the 5 g technology introduction, it is not only the amount of data that can support automatic driving, also can satisfy the requirement of the mobile data, which is between it and the previous transmission technique, in the application layer on the surface of the advantage.

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In an era of autonomous driving, the streets are full of self-driving cars, so how to guarantee the safety of the car requires several aspects. One is that a single car’s own sensors and processors make judgments about the surrounding driving environment and avoid them. One is the coordination between the car and the car, so that the potential safety hidden danger is eliminated. Finally, there is the interaction between each car and the big traffic network, which can also alleviate the congestion by avoiding the road that can cause hidden trouble or have already happened. And, of course, interaction between car and car, car interaction with the system, is to transmit data, and because the system to make real-time response, to the requirement of transmission speed is high, it has 5 g technology comes in
Say so many, you would think that the age of 5 g technology already is coming, so don’t trouble, communications manufacturers such as huawei and qualcomm has been preheated to it, even secret probably in some places for testing. But technology maturity and business maturity are two different things. As 4G has been operating for so many years, many places will still be covered with incomplete speed. 5G should meet the requirements mentioned above, and it will take a long time after its technology is mature.


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