Man’s feelings tax 1:15 years ago the god car 545i also had a second spring.

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We need to look at the demographics of the economy, he said. As a so-called only child of 1.0, I benefited from it in some way. My parents’ courage and sense of smell in the face of the development market have created a good material condition for me, and the process of pursuing the ideal is supported by the solid economic foundation of my parents. My passion for machinery also determined my growing experience: studying in Germany, working in Shanghai Volkswagen, and quitting a high salary to start my own company after a few years… It seems that life is full of ups and downs, and only you know that all your efforts are just to get rid of your parents’ aura one day. I am ashamed to say that after more than thirty years, I still haven’t achieved my goal completely, but every day that I live, every day I fill up my tank, I will go further than my dream.
In 2003, I was still at school, when the nanjing house price was still three thousand square meters. I used to keep my mouth on a BMW e60545i, but the price of a bare car, 89w, undoubtedly made me feel more than I could afford. (yes, I still can’t afford it.) Late last year, experiencing emotional dramas, I once had any interest in anything, never want to once again met in the workshop in the company have the eyes of god, only to find his own heart still retains a location for it.
In July 2003, the fifth generation of BMW 5-series E60 finally passed the E39, which is the most beautiful generation in history. Although it was created by Chris bango’s ghost, the E60’s design did not receive the same accolades as E39, which has been controversial since the first day of its existence.

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It’s no surprise that the design of this generation’s looks has completely overturned the stereotype of BMW’s past four generations. Sharp eagle eye headlight design, exaggerated butterfly tail lights, and low overall focus more on front face, these elements make the E60 placed on the five generations of family is very antipathetic, like ducks have recognizable as the ugly duckling.
For special things, people naturally appear polarization rate, half of the heterogeneous, others see it as half ChuChenTuoSu thing in the world, and there is no doubt that I belong to the latter.
545i was the only one with a V8 heart in the first E60 series sold in 2003, followed by the E60 series in 2005, with 540i and 550i. The N62B44 engine on 545i was produced in Munich dinggufen factory, with beautiful data of 4.4L, 245 kW and 450 Nm.
BMW none miserly to use it on the defence – variable valve lift (Valuetronic) technology and variable valve timing system (Double VANOS), perfect the function of the alternatives to traditional throttle, let the engine throttle into only under emergency conditions to perform in a supporting role. 0.1mm-10mm, the non-pole regulating valve lifter is the unique technology of BMW, which has been used for a long time. During the period, it has been imitated by other manufacturers, and has never been surpassed. With a total aluminum alloy of 17% silicon, the V8 heart provides the power of the power and ensures efficient fuel economy and exceptional wear resistance. So it’s no surprise that the N62B44 Engine won two awards for “best r&d” and “Engine of the Year” in the 2002 International Engine of the Year.
In order to make weight more lightsome, BMW is for the first time on E60 generation of 5 series cast a blockbuster technology — GRAV (Gewichtsreduzierter Aluminium – Vorderwagen), namely, whole is lightweight aluminum car. Through to the front part of the structure and lightweight materials processing, E60 easily maintained the BMW front axle 50:50 gold weight principle, combined with lighter weight, 545 I hundred kilometers speed reached 5.8 s good grades, and god car than against R36 also not impossible.
Aluminum alloy chassis, BMW Dynamic Drive, AFS active steering, iDrive central control system, cruise control, GPS navigation, multi-dimensional seat electric adjustment, with big lights, inductive wiper, zone temperature control… Even today, these configurations are not out of date, and back 15 years ago, the elements of the black technology were stunning.
When the 2004 545i came into my eyes again at the end of 2017, I could still feel the pride of 15 years ago.


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