No more pure AMG.


“AMG”, three charming letter combinations, mercedes-benz’s high-performance logo, countless men’s dreams. But AMG has been changing in recent years, and despite the release of several new products in 17 years, AMG is no longer pure.
If replacing a large displacement with a turbocharger is an era of change, what is it for the ordinary car that was originally classified as AMG? “One Man, One engine” (a person) in One way of engine manufacturing has long been a tradition of AMG and selling point, but on the Mercedes AMG 43 series last year the only used the average 3.0 T engine, incredibly still have no power to AMG the engine of the 2.0 T high. Why is it so bad to have an engine with no engineers signed up to be named AMG? Is this AMG still the high-performance unit that makes cars for stronger performance?
At the north American auto show recently, AMG released two new models, CLS 53 AMG and E 53 AMG. But disappointing is the AMG or on the two models using the average 3.0 T, although with a motor to enhance the performance of the most popular, 000 also can reach 4.5 seconds, but it can’t let a person will be the two car and associated originally big V8 self-priming time AMG.
Perhaps AMG is to enrich their product line so joined 43 and 53 series, after all, 63 series are millions of cars, and A level 45 series and only 2.0 T compact models, although power enough but practical enough. 43 and the addition of 53 series can meet different people demand for cars, lower power can also decrease the difficulty and the fuel consumption, driving let AMG can become a real family car, at the same time lower the price can make love AMG AMG at a lower price to buy the product. This is mutually beneficial for both mercedes-benz and consumers.
Mercedes is similar to the audi of the German three-strong. Audi’s performance division was developed and built by audi’s racing division, quattro LTD., and AMG is a performance division for the acquisition of civilian retrofit companies. As a result, audi has divided the performance division into S series and more radical RS series in the early stage. The first model of S and RS series is series 2 (not A2, but the name of Sport quattro S1).

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So the birth of S2 was that audi moved the classic S1, the classic car, onto the road, and the birth of RS2 was audi’s attempt to counterbalance the E36 M3 of the day. After the things we all know, audi started production S series and RS series at the same time, S series are mainly composed of high-performance sedan, the RS series is famous for manufacturing high-performance station wagon, both in the market or on the fans are enjoying high reputation in my heart.
Although the AMG is no longer the stick to large displacement self-priming high-performance car manufacturers, but in front of the market, Mercedes and the way of learning the audi is in expanding their markets, make more and more people have reason to, like AMG’s ability to have a belongs to own AMG.


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