Tesla has the bottom of the list.


If you haven’t early from Las Vegas at the international consumer electronics show various kinds of the car of the future science and technology, electric, automatic driving, AI, such as the Internet of things hot word also gradually known by people, not only can see the direction of the future automobile industry technology development, more let the future life is full of surprises. The autonomous driving we are most familiar with will be gradually implemented in our real life.
Internet companies, chip makers and software vendors are starting to dabble in unmanned vehicle market, amazon, Intel, nvidia and companies such as cisco announced the driverless cars in this year’s CES related information.
Regardless of the future, let’s take a look at the current development of autonomous driving technology and who is the “boss” of the current industry. You might think that apple or tesla would be in the top position, but the opposite is true.
Navigant Research has released its annual ranking of self-driving competitiveness in 2017. This list is not who said the automated driving advanced technology will be in front of the list, but a combination of vision, market development strategy, partners, production strategy, technology, marketing/sales/product, production capacity, product quality/reliability, product mix, and long-term commitment ten dimensions to comprehensive evaluation, such as degree of test technology of advanced at the same time also need to consider not only the “real” can use on commercial vehicles, in selected the competitiveness of the enterprises in the field of global automated driving.
The top five are: general motors, Google Waymo, daimler-benz – Bosch alliance, ford, Volkswagen group, three after unexpectedly is our familiar Uber, apple, tesla.
Tesla was at the bottom, this is a lot of people did not think of, although it is true that from the aspects of product research and development in a leading position, but the ten comprehensive evaluation factors, but worst, also can see the development of the enterprise is not smooth, is from the various losses and product production delay, tesla would have been a lot of difficulties.
For gm in 2017, Cruise stride development of self-driving cars is very obvious, general motors announced this month really without steering and braking of the fourth generation of Cruise self-driving cars, the general self-driving cars have also been conducted four iterative update.
Starting from the research to the second generation model has all the key components of the automatic driving needed, the third generation model is equipped with new electrical, communications, and drive systems, Cruise has also established a backup system, even set up a backup for the backup system.
To the release of the fourth generation product, completely remove the steering wheel, this is how incredibly, from technology to form to let people see it is easy to think of it is real driverless cars.
Rumors of apple’s plans to introduce self-driving cars have been around for years. Earlier, Tim Cook, apple’s chief executive, claimed that the company was developing “autonomous driving systems” and software to support driverless cars. But it is unclear whether apple’s self-driving technology, or the release date of apple’s self-driving car, has been disclosed.
Apple has applied for a license to test self-driving cars in California and has been found several times in public. So as a company market value has soared to $900 billion, what kind of products, apple developed in us, also believe that with the company in the field of science and technology technology accumulation and ambitions for the future, and then put the now existing Siri, CarPlay and other apple software will be better, maybe you are using apple mobile phone to operate a self-driving cars wish can come true.
Tesla at the bottom may be surprised a lot of people, but think carefully actually is not easy, in 2017 tesla from cash-strapped to Model 3 production schedule delays, although issued new Roadster and tesla Semi electric truck, and even spread to launch domestic tesla’s news in China. But the real “landing” project is not much, more is looking forward, also can say is for financing consideration.

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The Autopilot system, which was first introduced in late 2015, has stalled in the field of Autopilot and still faces many problems. In a TED talk in May 2017, Musk said he was developing a Level 5 autopilot system.
In other words, by 2019, only software updates will be fully autonomous. Navigant comes to the conclusion, “it’s not realistic.” The reason is that tesla currently required system lack of fully automated driving function of several key components, such as keep the sensor clean in bad weather and not obscured configuration, and most of the redundant system.
It may now seem that emerging tech companies will lead the way in a short period of time, but there will always be bottlenecks. Now the bottleneck is let them “headache”, the traditional car makers while entering the time in the field of late, but with a rich development experience and technology accumulation, can quickly catching up, compared with before, funding base is also more abundant, not too aggressive for funding pressures to produce immature technology, but also have some imperfect products is not eager to show in front of everyone.


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