The drift feast of the snow and ice world, this is the carnival of the Benz family.


With six different tracks and almost all of the car products, the mercedes-benz snow and ice duel is undoubtedly a test drive activity with a lot of gold and influence.
Since 2013, hailar every winter will greet the arrival of the trident, after six years of cultivation, mercedes-benz of ice and snow fight has become the largest in Asia test drive. 2018 mercedes-benz of snow and ice, the confrontation and about to, more than 140 test drive, on to the grace and violence in one set for the AMG GT R, down to the essential C200L that occupy the home, and the latest 43 cars, you can be in two days time fully experience their own personality, this way is not to see every time. Therefore, mercedes-benz carefully set up 6 circuit, and the design of the 6 circuit according to the difficulty level, driving on the division, to experience is a process of advanced, enough to make you from unready to like a duck to water.
Drifting, on the pavement, is undoubtedly the driving mode that requires a lot of conditions, such as the rear drive, such as the high horse power. But when it comes to the ice, it is often easier to experience the relationship between a sharp reduction in the grip of a tire, and it is no longer the exclusive use of the rear drive, and the four-wheel drive can also be enjoyed. Walking sideways is also one of the greatest joys of ice and snow test drive.
Take AMG C43 4 matic, because the car carrying the all-wheel-drive system is partial displacement after setting, the torque distribution ratio is all 9, all-wheel-drive system will be more torque distribution to the rear wheels of approximate the advantage is that it can be regarded as a “drive”, after get speed and steering Angle, determined to a foot pedal, the rear wheels in lose grip body began to move transversely, then quickly reverse direction, hold the throttle, the car will be smooth “sideways”. This is because the front wheel still has torque, so the controllability of the drift process is much higher than the rear drive, which is very friendly for beginners.
Of course, if you measure it in terms of driving pleasure, whether it’s paving the road or ice, it still has an unsurpassed position. Is the opposite of raider buggies, on the ice, the drive model of the floating action is very easy to turn to in the process of oil, the body will immediately give feedback, then you have to do is reverse direction, hold the throttle. However, relative to the all-wheel-drive models, the direction of a drive after we need to reverse the Angle is bigger, throttle control is more exquisite and accurate, not taken, it will make you awkward horizontal on the ski slopes, even in circles.
In order to better feel the drift, Benz arranged the project of fixed circle drift, and the protagonist is a rear drive type — SL400. It’s not hard to get SL400 across the ice after mastering the basic drift technique, but it’s not easy to maintain the body posture and draw a perfect circle. When the car starts to drift, it is in a timely, quick, reverse direction and continues to give the oil a stable horizontal shift. At this point, you will find that the direction does not require a large adjustment, and the task of controlling the posture of the body is completely executed by the accelerator at the foot. When you find this feeling, it’s easy to draw a circle.
After driving on the ice, especially after a big horse like SL400, you’ll find it competing with you. Only by constantly improving your driving skills and developing your car sense can you handle it, which is exactly the pleasure of driving. But when you actually tamed the horse, it gave you far more fun than the four-wheel drive.
However, for the “tough character” of AMG GT S, the ice driving is still quite difficult. Even with a nail, the grumpy data of 4.0T, V8 and 522 horsepower will be a problem for you to get started. At that time, we must ensure that the ESP in an open state, even in the Sport + mode, the stability system once the decision body signs out of control, will limit power now live, to maintain total control, and security.

White Bentley wedding car, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland, Europe

I never thought that I would be in such an almost gentle driving approach to the performance of the mercedes-benz flagship, soft start, soft steering, ignore close to the car, otherwise, the throttle really do not belong to you, will not go to suet. By contrast, I’d rather meet it on the pavement.
Two days time, more than 140 sets of test drive, in addition to the short circuit, driving skills on, all is the real sword and spear of ice driving, blow out the drift of feast is enough to make every one of us. Of course, while satisfying the driving desire, Mercedes wants us to be more relaxed and confident in the face of snow and ice. After all, all the fun is built on the premise of security, just as the theme of the event: “there is no place to be”.


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