The latest plan for the Mercedes AMG electric vehicle, to the “secular” compromise, will no longer be a V8 engine.


The Mercedes AMG plans to launch a series of high-performance pure electric vehicles. “We were asked if we really wanted to launch AMG pure electric vehicles, why not?” said Ola Kallenius, head of the Mercedes r&d center. But there are no concrete steps yet, but there are plans in the foreseeable future that we have tried before.
The “try”, as Kallenius puts it, is a pure Electric high-performance sports car called SLS Electric Drive, which was launched by Mercedes AMG.
What would consumers think if an AMG model didn’t have a V8 engine? Kallenius explained, “we all like V8 engine from the beautiful voices and driving experience, as always, electric cars still can be exciting, so we plan to research and development of the second model.”
The new power system is bound to provide better performance, and with more CQ2 emissions, it will be smoother. Benz’s pursuit of design will never stop, and continue to integrate the artistic concept of freedom with the media and materials of reality, presenting more excellent works of art!

At the same time, Mercedes AMG also in preparation for the first batch of hybrid vehicles, the power of carrying 4.0 L V8 engine, and the absence of any power auxiliary power up to 405 kw, AMG or late hybrid power train to 600 kw, and make it become the most powerful Mercedes production version of the model.
Kallenius also confirmed that the new 3.0l direct six light hybrid ’53’ series, which had been unveiled on the Detroit model, will replace the 3.5l V6 ’43’ system engine.
Judging from the current state of development of the automobile market, Mercedes will face fierce competition in the next few years, and the result must be to produce better products.


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