What exactly is a buick Avenir?

Borgward Isabella Coupe, built in 1960, Germany, Classic-Gala, Concours d'Elegance in the Baroque castle gardens, Schwetzingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, Europe

This is the second buick Avenir product that has been listed, and through GL8 Avenir and the regal Avenir, we are finally able to know a little bit about what the luxury of Avenir is really like.
To be honest, there are two dimensions to the introduction of the ravenir of lacrosse: first, it is the first one that has been replaced by the new 9AT, and it is an updated product force. Secondly, it is to build Avenir high-end sub-brand on the basis of the model car. So what exactly is Avenir, and why is buick doing this?
The era of Avenir.
If from the perspective of luxury, luxury car is not cost-effective, because the price is “the greatest value with the least amount of inputs to buy”, here we can understand the value of practicality, but also in the field of luxury Avenir created the most cost-effective luxury this concept. Of course, the combination of luxury and cost performance is a bit awkward in itself, just to make it easier to understand.
Avenir was originally from North America, and has a precedent in the general camp. It is not GM based on the Chinese market for Chinese consumers, starting with GM’s global launch of sub-brands. There are two reasons:
1, after gm bankruptcy reorganization, to reshape the brand, very excited, they noticed, GMC grew by 9% in the process, but its high-end brand of GMC Denali growth has exceeded 20%, become the fastest growing brand, also is the strongest brand ‘brand of a child. The reason is that GMC’s professional customers need to buy cars that are more upscale and luxurious than chevy, and Denali, as a sub-brand of GMC, is positioned to be more luxurious and professional.

2, buick during one Detroit public Avenir flagship sedan, demonstrates the buick is expected to hit a higher flagship sports idea, however, as the global car market shrinking, Avenir positioning can not adapt to the market in the future, at that time but it also shows the buick brand is the hope of the future, so some of the design on the Avenir and is also a kind of thinking on the standard moved to buick. With this consideration, buick enclave noticed that sales in the United States, consumers usually choose are two flagship model, and consumers, it seems, are still not satisfied, they express need more luxury buick car.
The real definition of functional luxury.
If in short summary Avenir the main feature of it is that Avenir usually greater than ordinary version to use hub, more sense of luxury and completely unlike regular China open, even paint, color for the birth of a more advanced. Interiors, Avenir although modelling and normal version, but in all aspects of the material is very as far as possible in a different, they adopted the special special special special seat leather, utmost ground reflect “unique and exclusive
So, buick Avenir, unlike other luxury brands, it is not configured but various details through ascension, although relatively common buick models no big change, but in fact ascension is special invisible.
Tactility and visual perception are the core selling points of Avenir. Functional luxury is the luxury expression of buick Avenir…
This luxury is not by increasing the configuration, but on the basis of existing in detail all kinds of optimization, such as lacrosse Avenir car roof with the velvet material, carpet also used the velvet material, leather has been far beyond Nappa this level, and the original decorative panel is still there, only the more elaborate carve, such as deputy box at the top of the Avenir exclusive pyrograph.
It wants to do consumers to see Avenir at first glance, this car is realized though this car is a lacrosse or model, but is not a common model and lacrosse, which is a strong visual impact. The hub is not just big, but the details of various decorations increase the luxury sense at the same time, and the same is true when the network is bigger.
Interior material is not blindly packing materials, it is to show the delicate feelings that has grade, which may seem no different, but the hand can be achieved when all the places to meet feel pleasure. These are all obtained by careful experience.


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