What makes a porsche 911 a classic?


What is a classic?
The classic refers to the exemplary and authoritative; Enduring masterpieces; The “most valuable” that has been chosen by history; The best expression of the essence of the industry; Most representative; The perfect work.
Can become a classic car in the car, in addition to two days before the Mercedes G has just been released, and civilian car beetle, and porsche 911, the three representative of the car can be a classic.
From the first generation of release, now basically have no obvious change appearance, at the beginning of the generation of genes, have been passing on today, and also always are popular with many cyclists.
So today we’re going to focus on the fact that the porsche 911 has been around for fifty-five years, and why has it become a classic in the absence of a change in appearance?
Why continues today to talk about his appearance but also, it is undeniable, is the time of the first generation of design is very avant-garde, but just have the avant-garde design, no splendid history is absolutely can’t become today’s classic.
The early 911 was active in the rally, winning two monte carlo championships and one of the most popular models in the race. In 1984 porsche took it to the Dakar rally and won the championship, and it was true that a sports car snatched the Dakar championship from a group of suvs.
Various periods has very excellent performance, which is based on 911 development of porsche 935 swept a full eight years from 1975 to 1982 the Group of five categories of le mans champion, led directly to the Group has been cancelled.
The porsche 911 is a “cross-country car” that can take you to the Dakar race in the desert, and a partner who can drive him to your girlfriend’s city.
In dry won awards at the same time, it must be with good performance support, seven generations, 911 vehicles, from the early generation of only 1911 cc 1911 horsepower air-cooled level to six-cylinder engine and on the seventh generation now 911 Turbo S 3800 cc 560 horsepower water-cooled double turbine level to buy six cylinders engine, the power of this period of up to 4 times promote condensed the efforts of countless engineers.
At the same time, he is also the first choice for many car friends to change their cars. As a number of car friends like porsche 911, there is a lot of RUF, 9ff specially modified 911 or the reloading factory of porsche.

Also have excellent space in sports car, because after the rear drive 911 unique design, make the space of the porsche 911 in is not very big, also can build up better space, it can get very good evaluation on users, “the notice just inside the car”
The reason why porsche can become a classic today is absolutely inseparable from its history and culture.


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