Why can LED headlights become a trend, while halogen lamps and xenon headlights can’t?


As someone once said, there are two kinds of headlights: one is an audi headlamp and one is the other headlights. So much so that many people think of audi as a tramp (the light bulb)! The reason why audi is called a lamp factory is that it has a good reason to keep up with even the headlights.
Halogen lamps
Halogen headlights as now one of the most basic in car headlights headlamps, luminous principle of it is just like our light bulbs, it with quartz as the glass shell, bromine, iodine, etc in to add halogen elements or halide, in order to prolong the service life of it. The headlights, called the new generation of incandescent bulbs, are similar in character, light in brightness, yellow in color and low in power conversion.
The xenon headlamps
The principle of xenon headlamps is actually within the quartz tube into the high-pressure inert gas, xenon, and then use as much as twenty thousand volts of electricity, so essentially, xenon headlamps is gas to glow. Its conversion of energy efficiency by more than 70% higher than that of halogen lamp, and a light source is more thoroughly clear, not only live longer, and will also be less power-hungry, nature is the corresponding cost will be higher, is a kind of more advanced than the halogen headlight lamps.
The LED lamps

In this issue, LED headlights can be said to be a representative of the high level of the headlights, but in essence, it is the light-emitting diode on the radio. Leds are short for light-emitting diodes (leds), a semiconductor material that converts electrical energy into light energy. At the same time, the energy conversion between can reach 20 ~ 30%, compared with halogen and hid xenon two lamps are more higher, and it is made by light more brighter than the xenon headlamps, the life also will be higher. In terms of performance, it differs little from that of xenon headlights, but why does it become a trend, and xenon can’t?
Said above, the LED is similar to the radio on a light emitting diode, the diode actually volume is very small, and we see LED headlamps are worlds apart, can say, see this small tubes, who can relate to the car headlights?
But the reason that LED headlights can replace halogen and xenon is also here, not small, not light, but plasticity. The LED lights we see on the cars are actually made from one of these leds. That is to say, compared with halogen headlamps and xenon headlights, the light source of LED headlights is not unique, and there are even more and more trends. This means that the headlights will be more functional!


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