Wind resistance is not a problem to be considered by a hard off-road vehicle

Yellow VW Volkswagen Beetle

Hard-driving suvs have won the popularity of cross-country fans with their rugged appearance and excellent off-road performance. But I don’t know you found no, like land rover defender, Jeep wrangler, Mercedes G and so on of these typical hard suvs have one thing in common, appearance looks more “square”, the whole body curve rarely occur.
The earliest known as VW TYPE 62 began to develop PROTOTYPE in 1938. It should be VW TYPE 82 in 1940.
The first models were developed in 1938 and used to combat the German TYPE 62 and 82. Later, WILLYS was called “JEEP” after WILLYS.
FORD’s GPW and WILLYS MB also have a leading edge, and the first to get the contract is neither FORD nor WILLYS, but a company called American Bantam, and the boss is not Bruce Wayne. Due to production reason, until tender, the integrated parts defined (considering the wartime parts swaps) and introduced the FORD and WILLYS, after the optimized improvement of WILLYS, finally make the WILLYS MB. And British LAND ROVER SERIES The LAND ROVER SERIES I, II, and III.

Poland, Gdansk, old town

The latter claimed to have been inspired by WILLYS JEEP to develop the LAND ROVER series. We can see that this kind of vehicle is square head, easy to press, welding, assembling products. During the war, these products were designed in such a way that they were sturdy, durable, and easy to assemble and repair, and they followed the design of the suvs. Therefore, the ease of industrialization is also the reason of the early SUV.
For these features, the vehicle must have a higher chassis, a larger horsepower and a rigid body structure, and a four-wheel drive power drive system. In the unitized body structure, because of the increase in the chassis of the vehicle across the center of gravity, plus the road vehicle is a tough one, make the vehicle structure strength need to strengthen to prevent overturned the body get squashed and body stability under large load.
And when it comes to the strength of the car, the cross-country car is very good at this, so let’s take a look at how the rollers of the off-road car reinforce the strength of the car.
As we can see, the structure of the roll cage is basically a rectangle and a triangle that is large and small. And the construction of the suv, in fact, is made up of the body.
We know the general pure basic is used to play off-road suv or just need (of course you may use it to run road), you can’t expect it to run in the cross-country environment how high speed, also is not the meaning of the cross-country completely. Therefore, wind resistance is not a problem for the hard suv to consider.
In the 1990 s, with the development of CAD drawing software, the model of vehicle is no longer clay modelling to drill a tunnel, but through modeling software through point cloud surface is calculated after place order optimization, to balance the model and the optimal body aerodynamics.
Therefore, there are multi-purpose sports vehicles, such as urban SUV, which give consideration to urban road conditions and comfort. To the SUV fundamentalists, these seem to be not in line with the original purpose of the SUV, but it is also an inevitable product of the progress of The Times.


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