AG Healey: Use funds to encourage adoption of electric cars


The full year net loss of Uber, the taxi driver, was expanded to $4 billion 500 million in 2017. The company has experienced a turbulent year, including a number of scandals, a lawsuit involving the theft of commercial secrets and the replacement of the chief executive.

The survey also showed that the net loss in the third quarter has been reduced by 25%, because the new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi will make the company profitable before it plans to carry out an initial public offering (IPO) some time next year.

The annual loss increased from $2 billion 800 million in 2016 to a year, while Uber’s sales in China’s unprofitable business were distorting the revenue. You also said that its car market share in the United States dropped from 82% at the beginning of last year to 70% in the fourth quarter of last year. The stock is now stable, you said.

Although technically, the car is a car, but it is actually a sports car – just four doors. Subaru tried to make WRX more practical in daily life, including adding security technology and update new information entertainment touch screen system.

WRX saw subtle external changes in 2018, including the modified front grille and redesigned front grille, which is now a bit aggressive. WRX’s low bodywork, rear lip spoiler, integrated hood, side exhaust port and four axis exhaust all indicate its performance, but it will never exceed the top. This is left to a more core WRX STI.

In 2018, Subaru updated the internal structure of WRX to make it more livable. This includes a new infotainment system. It looks like it was freed from a previous generation of TOYOTA Toyota (Camry), which is not a bad thing. The layout of the engine room is simple and easy to use, but it is not particularly upscale. Sometimes it feels very monotonous, especially compared to the competitors, GTI.

Our test model includes an optional Recaro performance bucket seat, including a 8 – way power driven seat. It is part of a performance package, and it also includes an upgraded performance brake. These seats are reliable, but a little tight.

The extra travel computer is located in the central console through the switching operation on the main touch screen. It includes performance data, such as the state of a turbocharger, which speeds up 2 liters and four cylinders engine, which makes 268 horsepower and 258 pound feet of torque. Power transmission by symmetrical six speed manual transmission to Subaru’s all wheel drive. WRX also has a continuous variable transmission, which is a strange choice for performance cars, but it still manages the engine’s power very well.

WRX is also provided as the core of the STI. It is equipped with a more powerful 2.5 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine to produce 305 horsepower. It also has more active fins and body work, and a more rigid suspension. STI only six speed manual transmission.

The acceleration is brisk, with an astonishing expansion in the middle of a force band. The configuration on the manual is more about performance, making the 1-2 transformation of traffic a bit annoying. In the city, it’s difficult to be a commuter car, but in the suburbs, you can stretch it a little more.

In contrast, the public GTI is more stable in the process of providing equal returns. As for WRX, turning and turning are very good. You have to really want that kind of driving feeling and wonderful exhaust in order to sacrifice a little comfort.

In this city, the fuel economy of WRX’s manual version is 21 miles per gallon, 27 miles on the freeway, plus 23 miles. With CVT, there are 18 in this city, 24 on the freeway, and 21 in the city.

WRX security technology can now use Subaru’s vision suite, including forward collision warning and avoidance, takeoff warning and adaptive cruise control. Independent security options include blind spot monitoring and automatic high beam.

The basic MSRP of Subaru WRX in 2018 was $26995. Our advanced test model starts at $29295, but the price is $32205 according to the optional performance package and destination.

For a commuter car, this is a considerable sum of money, especially when a quieter service provides more performance and more material enjoyment. If you are interested in the experience of a friendly commuter vehicle, WRX is now more suitable for daily use.


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