Life in the fast lane LIFE IN THE FAST LANE


Josh Cartu is a little back to ancient times. A few generations ago, racing drivers dominated the race. Now, they are rare. Before becoming a racing driver, Canadian born entrepreneur Kato has a successful media and software company, which allows him to enjoy his passion.

Now living in Hungary, the 38 year old Cato is a Ferrari owner, chairman and racing club, car collectors and admission excited. “Jump out of the plane, parabolic flight, zero gravity flight, 3000 years of chewing gum, part of the Isle of man TT single seater… I did a lot of things! “He said with a smile.

His high flying lifestyle is also popular in social media. He has over 484000 fans in social media, and 13000 people follow him on twitter.

“I think most people like me because they like beautiful car pictures.” I know I’ve done a lot of cool things people want to do, and I like to share and discuss these experiences with other people. It’s really not a secret for me – I think it’s just about having great content and organic growth.

Cartu’s main interest is now his own motorcade, Cartu racing, and the Ferrari Challenge series with the same Ferrari 488 challenge racing car.

So, what’s the secret of driving a fast car? He says, “patience, persistence, persistence, adventure, circle, circle, circle.” However, he to all aspiring Racer advice is simple: start to change now! The car is very expensive.

The limit of the sky

When it comes to life experience, can make the most benefit cartew. Who else took the Russian MIG -29 fighter to the edge of space?

“It’s cool to fly on the plane, but I’m getting cooler myself.” There is no comparable experience, because nothing can make your body obey these types of power. I mean, you have a lot of preparation, but nothing can prepare you for the destructive power of approaching 9Gs.

“If you can imagine your hands, the foot rudder and the slight input, you can feel the pants seat… Something extraordinary and unexpected. All right. ”

“To see the curvature of the stars and the earth in the daytime must be understood.”

Ferrari fan

Ferrari motor plays an important role in the life of cato. After all, he owns and promotes most of the cars that Ferrari has made in the past few years, including 458 Spider, Italia, Speciale, Speciale Aperta, F12, F12 TDF and 488 GTB. But to what is special? “Emotion, soul, social contact,” he said.

“One of the main disadvantages of modern cars is that they are heavier, and now they need more electronic products.” Look at F40 – it’s like 1000 kilos, and the weight of today’s super car is nearly 400 kilos heavier than that.


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