Medical examiner needs break while describing murdered 8-year-old’s autopsy at court


According to the daily mail, a coroner in 2013 conducted a autopsy on a 8 year old Florida girl. She was kidnapped, raped and murdered in 2013. She was so excited that she had to interrupt her testimony in the trial of the alleged murderer.

Dr. Jackson Weil, chief forensic doctor of Valerie Rao, confirmed that Palin had been seriously injured by rape and strangulation, including “completely destroyed anatomy”. On Tuesday, she watched the picture of the girl’s beaten corpse in a court, and she was tearful and unable to continue.

Donald Smith, 61, is accused of kidnapping, rape and murder of girls. If he is guilty, he may face death penalty.

It is said that Smith has lured her family to WAL-MART and promised to buy a meal and new clothes from McDonald’s. At some point, he left the girl. The security video shows that she jumps out of her back.

According to News4Jax, Smith’s lawyer tried to defend an invalid trial during a break, but the judge vetoed the motion.

Rao enumerated the injuries she suffered before she was murdered. The injured included blunt trauma and asphyxia.

There was a huge force on her neck, and she was basically unable to breathe. Her brain was swollen with oxygen, so she died, “Rao said.

The autopsy photos taken by the jury showed bleeding and red blood vessels on the cherished neck. Rao said that the force used when being strangled was so strong that the skin was bruised.

He estimated that it took him 3-5 minutes to die. She said, “treasure” tried to fight back and tried to “cause harm to Smith’s penis”, which he allegedly tried to make oral sex with her.

At the hearing on Tuesday, Melissa Nelson, a state prosecutor, played Smith’s secret recording in prison. He was said to be in prison to another prisoner. “She is very helpful to a white girl,” Melissa Nelson said.

The case will be heard on Wednesday, and the case will be sent to the jury for consideration.


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