Struggling to invest, silicon valley women are reluctant to harass.


Struggling to invest, silicon valley women are reluctant to harass.

This week, another big tech giant was accused of overthrowing a tesla and SpaceX investor, venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson, who left his silicon valley company.

The big money world in silicon valley is still dominated by men, and it is still hard for women to say what they think if they want to join their ranks. Some women believe that the best way to combat harassment is to be cautious and to peak.

It must be difficult for women to get there. Last year, nearly 6,200 new companies received nearly $60 billion in venture capital, according to PitchBook, a venture capital database.

However, only 2.19 per cent of women were funded. That is less than any year in the past decade, except in 2008 and 2012.

In a handful of women companies founded by Fem Inc., the company has raised $5 million in venture capital by researching how technology and media attract people to make positive choices.

But co-founder Rachel Payne says getting company money isn’t easy.

“To my surprise, given our stage and experience level, raising money is more challenging than raising money earlier in our careers,” she said. “Some of them [investors] frankly put forward proposals because we are women.”

One of Fem Inc. ‘s three founders holds a degree in mathematics and a doctorate from Harvard University. From Caltech. Another engineering team with a master’s degree in computer science and led GuGe. Penn has a master’s degree in business administration from Stanford, not her first venture.

Ms. Payne says she has seen and experienced harassment and bullying in her 20 years of technology because she is a woman. But she doesn’t want to share them publicly.

“If there is a hint – many of these venture capital firms… You may be guilty, and you will certainly have trouble raising money, “she said. “It’s hard to imagine what you’re going to say.”

However, it is not easy for Payne to choose to remain silent on his own experience. Payne thinks he is a feminist. She wanted the woman to say it. But she also believes that one of the best ways to stop harassment is to make women successful in science and technology.

“We need more… Women can’t really play this role until they reach the power zone. “Because then they won’t rely on other people’s strength, and they won’t tolerate it.”

Payne wasn’t the only one who chose to remain silent. As NPR talks with many women, they talk only about the chief executives of big tech companies, the verbal and physical harassment records of venture capitalists and colleagues.

One woman who said she was an exporter was Ellen. In 2012, she sued Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, a venture-capital firm. Ms. Pao, then a junior partner, said she was discriminated against and sexually harassed. At that time, few people believed her.

“Still suspected… “If we haven’t heard these stories, how can they be true? “She said.

Huang lost her case. She said it would definitely hurt her career. But some in silicon valley call it the “golden yellow” effect. Despite potential career setbacks, more women are telling their stories.

“I don’t think anyone wants to tell these stories,” bowe said. “It’s like your worst experience, you go out and share, and you want to change.”

Since her appearance, bahuang believes that although the speed is slow, but has been changing.

“We do see people being fired for harassment,” she said. “People are more transparent about it.”

But in the valley – where there is a lot of money under threat – bao says it is still difficult to launch for those who have made a lot of money for investors.

“Some people wonder, ‘well, did they do it the right way… Well, I don’t know but I benefit from it, so I don’t want to criticize it. ”

It is a two-pronged struggle, as huang sees it. She is now an investment partner at Kapor Capital, which looks for companies founded by women and minorities. At the same time, she says, the more stories of harassment, the more likely other women are to risk their own experiences.


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