The tech giant is under pressure in a post by Russian opposition leaders.


The tech giant is under pressure in a post by Russian opposition leaders.

YouTube and Instagram are being asked to shoot video and photos at a controversial center involving a Russian billionaire and a senior Russian government official.

It was a high-profile investigation into the relationship between Russian opposition leader alexei navalny.

On Saturday, Roskomnadzor, the Russian federal communications watchdog, “ordered YouTube to delete seven video posts and order Instagram to cut 14 posts, all citing in the survey,” the New York times reported. “These companies have three working days to block access to content, or to face investigation.”

This time almost ran out. According to Navalny, there will be three days on Wednesday night.

Navalny and his anti-corruption foundation regularly publish investigative reports on Russian companies and government corruption.

His latest work focuses on Instagram posts and a book written by Nastya Rybka, a woman who talks about her quest for an oligarchy. , according to a video Navalny Rybka posts and books, according to the eve of the 2016 election, metals giant Oleg Deripaska (Oleg Deripaska, the deputy prime minister Sergei Prikhodko (Sergei Prikhodko) on a yacht had a luxury weekend.

Navalny made the request for a boat tour in August 2016 by triangulation of Rybka’s social media posts and providing geo-location and publicly available maritime and aviation records.

As NPR’s Brian Naylor reports, Deripaska has an “extraordinary public role” for Russian businessmen. He is an ally of Mr Putin and has had a close relationship with former trump campaign manager Paul manafort, although a company in deripaska recently filed a lawsuit against him for business deals.

A member of the Navalny team posted a screenshot of what the team allegedly received from YouTube and Google, asking him to take one of them to discuss the alleged corruption of video.

A statement from the YouTube legal team said it had received a statement from Roskomnadzor that it violated Russian law and was blacklisted. “If you don’t delete the content, GuGe may be asked to stop it,” the source said.

YouTube and Instagram did not immediately respond to NPR’s request for comment. Navalny asked them not to accept the government’s demands.

Businessman Oleg Deripaska (left) greets Russian President Vladimir Putin during a visit to a factory in Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod region in September 2014

According to the Moscow times, Roskomnadzor put the blacklist on the blacklist after Mr. Deripaska filed the suit, prompting a court injunction to remove him from his post.

The New York times points out:

“This strategy could mark the Russian government to adopt a more positive attitude to control the country’s popular social media and video sharing site, because not all Internet service providers in Russia can cut off access to personal web page, if the company fails to comply with the department command, may be forced to block YouTube and sets. ”

Mr. Navalny said he was targeted because he called for a boycott of the 2018 presidential election, which he called a manipulation of Mr. Putin. He is not allowed to run.

“I’m definitely not a person, and I’m not some kind of dissident,” he said in a recent interview with NPR’s Lucian king. “If you’re from my political platform to take any anti-corruption investigations or any point of view, I believe most of the Russian citizens will support me – this is why I will not be allowed to take part in the campaign.”


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