Village music industry and artists, gun politics in minefields.


Village music industry and artists, gun politics in minefields.

The village music awards ceremony was held on Wednesday, but people were still talking about the show because it didn’t say anything that night. The CMA tried to create a no-political zone for host Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley, as well as journalists covering the event.

At the awards ceremony, a week before CMA sent a media guide, told reporters don’t focus on gun rights, political parties or on tragedy in Las Vegas, 58 people were killed in the 91 Harvest festival. Paisley and others talked about the restrictions, and they were turned upside down, but it focused on the relationship between the rural music industry and the us gun debate.

Music journalist Jonathan Bernstein has written it, and joined the mike is regarded as the host kelly, of all things, talking about the personage inside course of study about guns, why the country music association by moving it does.

Why did the association try to stay away from politics this year?

Very worried I think country music association, or they think politics – or a debate about guns, and about the NRA, about Las Vegas what happened – in general as the center stage is considered to be the biggest night of country music.

Where do actors stand in gun control?

Although, of course, there are some mainstream national star is very conservative, and countries with mainstream stars and more closely than a liberal and progressive thought, I think that in most cases, you will find in the country’s large artist music, this situation is like you in some way to make a strong statement, but in fact, you risked alienating the risk of a large part of your fan base. …… If you talk to country music people about the intersection of politics and country music, the first name you’ll hear is Dixie chicks.

On Thursday, artists like Tim McGraw and faith hill published their views.

I can imagine a whisper network like this country music, who is the secret progressives, who are the secret Democrats and the liberals? Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have not kept their politics secret in the past. They contributed to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Even on gun control, Tim McGraw agreed a few years ago to launch a welfare concert with the gun control group after the sandy hook shooting. And he was hit hard by it.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, one of the most successful and beloved national entertainers of the past 20 years, have a lot of money and a lot of loyal fans. So I think it’s easier for them to do it than they do, not to any degree that doesn’t prove it, almost everyone is in the country music.

What happens next in the country music industry?

I don’t want there to be a sudden wave of country artists that have sprung up and are really involved. But I think people will at least continue to talk to them. And I think it has been a problem for the industry for a long time.


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