Analysts expect the network to set sales records on Monday.

FILE PHOTO: Christmas decorations are seen as people shop at Brookfield Place in lower Manhattan in New York City, U.S., December 1, 2017. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/File Photo

Analysts expect the network to set sales records on Monday.

The network is expected to be a record shopping on Monday, with americans expected to spend about $6 billion. At least that’s what Adobe Analytics is predicting.


Today, you realize that you actually need a $350 robot vacuum. I mean, it’s usually 500 yuan, so it’s basically free. Cyber Monday is near us, it can let you down. NPR’s Alina Selyukh is here to talk to us about it.

Hey, alina.

ALINA SELYUKH, wired: good morning.

Martin: happy cyber Monday.

SELYUKH: happy cyber Monday.

Martin: it’s an American holiday, after all. So there’s always a lot of hype on this day. Really, how important is the bottom line? I mean, how many rides are there on this day?

SELYUKH: so there will be five days of shopping on this day. Thanksgiving weekend is very important. So it’s a big weekend and it’s going to launch shopping season. For this particular Sunday – cyber Monday, we’re looking for a record shopping craze. Put together, americans are expected to spend more than $6 billion.

Martin: that’s a lot of money.

SELYUKH: at least, that’s the number predicted by Adobe Analytics.

Martin: a lot of money – so we always hear about how brick and mortar stores try to keep these days, but I know many of these chains are offering discounts for online shoppers. Are they competitive in this area?

SELYUKH: as you pointed out, the difference is how we get shopping. So now, many retail stores still get most of their money from people they come from.

Martin: wow.

SELYUKH: black Friday is still one of the most popular days of the year for this activity. So even though we definitely don’t see the 90s, you know, people elbow each other, not…

Martin: yeah – for elmo dolls or whatever.

SELYUKH:…… Or for this sweet television deal, millions of people…

Martin: that’s really – man’s best, really.

SELYUKH: but millions of people still live shopping on Thanksgiving weekend. That said, shopping on the Internet obviously won’t go anywhere. It is still a small part of all retail sales, but amazon is so big on Cyber Monday. In fact, last weekend’s enthusiasm made amazon CEO Friday the first CEO since the 1990s to be worth more than $100 billion.

Martin: wow. So make us real, alina. I need to know the best price today. What are they?

SELYUKH: so Adobe Analytics today said it was a day of toy trading.

Martin: toys.

SELYUKH: it’s always a popular project. Electronics are big, like game consoles, laptops. This is the year of the smart home speaker. So Amazon Echo, home of Google – they’re selling at various stores. Then, of course, there’s television, the staple food of shopping on Thanksgiving weekend. In particular, in recent years, in recent years, with ultra-high resolution of 4 k is for video games and TV streaming, although they are still being the benefits of small tools commentators are discussed.

Martin: ok, so we have to mention that we live in an age of cyber threats and that kind of fear. I mean, there are liars, right? What – do you have any tips from shoppers during this network season?

SELYUKH: yes. I mean, people should pay attention to potential fraud whenever they spend a lot of money on the Internet one day. So one of the things is, you have to be careful in shopping. If you can, avoid using public wi-fi. Try using credit and debit CARDS. Credit card charges may be more controversial. Be careful, especially if you click on links in email. Hover your mouse over them, perhaps to see if there is a small error in the name of the site. This is usually a red flag.

Martin: oh, that’s a good tip.

SELYUKH: of course, the most important thing is to check your credit card bill later.

Martin: oh, yes, that – forget to do that, yeah.

SELYUKH :(laughter) good luck.

Martin: NPR’s Alina Selyukh- thank you Alina.

SELYUKH: thank you.



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