Pension funds are under pressure to sell the gunners’ manufacturers.


Pension funds are under pressure to sell the gunners’ manufacturers.

Many teachers have called for state pension funds to sell their stakes in gun makers since the mass killings in the Florida city of park land earlier this month. Private investment firms, including BlackRock and Blackstone, are reviewing their gun investments according to their clients’ needs.

But even those who sympathise with their positions say withdrawals from these companies do not lead to changes in the industry.

Many of the investment for public employees and teachers passive state pension funds hold shares in the gun manufacturers – they have a stake in the main reason is that they be incorporated into wide market index fund pension investments.

“I now urge my colleague sold in California are forbidden to hold or sell retail and wholesale supplier of weapons,” located in the state’s two biggest pension funds, the national finance department of the board of directors said John Chiang, public employees of CalPERS and CalSTRS, teacher.

He is urging pension funds across the country to sell their investments in gun manufacturers and gun retailers.

Jiang said: “we can signal that a clear and strong, suggests that congressional inaction is ruthless, this is unacceptable, some people want to make sure that the child will not lose life,” jiang said.

California teacher retirement fund CalSTRS mass shooting in sandy hook the Connecticut school later, in 2013 sold its shares in the listed gun manufacturers, including Sturm Ruger and American is suing Brands, formerly known as Smith&Wesson).

“In sandy hook after the disaster, we pay special attention to the gun, the board of directors and decide on some companies manufacture guns is already illegal in California, and that such regulation may expand and hurt the company. Peel them off, “says Christopher ellerman, chief investment officer at CalSTRS.

But it was a purely financial decision, he said, not a moral decision.

As the manager of renminbi funds, Mr Ehrmann says pensions are constrained by fiduciary obligations – that is, the goal is to preserve and develop assets.

CalSTRS has been away from other industries, including tobacco and coal, for decades. Mr Ellman said the fund had decided to spin off because it expected tighter regulation, which would hurt sales of the companies. In each case, he said the fund’s selling had little impact on the company’s product or strategy.

“We have to write them a letter telling them that we no longer have their stock, and that it won’t happen again,” he said. “I can tell you they don’t care.”

Despite the popularity of the public, the spin-off does not represent a change in policy, he said.

He said: “I am very concerned about these issues, and want to bring social change, and I’m just so upset, militants to waste time on as an invalid mechanism when pay attention to this point,” he said.

When it comes to economic pressure, social advocates say that consumers are more important than giving up on the bottom line.

In the past week, the #BoycottNRA campaign has gained momentum, with leading airlines, hotels, Banks and insurance companies cutting off their discounts with members of the national rifle association.

Marie Gardner, President of the brady campaign to prevent gun violence, said she would like to see the movement expand to widespread consumer resistance to retailers who are lax about gun sales.

“If the Big 5 or camping world or dick’s sporting goods not with wise practices related to the sales of guns, so people should not be in the store to buy their soccer shoes, soccer and other devices,” she said.

Diener said, denied the company’s business will affect their profitability, which in turn could affect the store policy, while the investors sell shares lost as the rights of the shareholders.

“One of the rights is to get information about the company and the other is to participate in the annual meeting and vote for the directors,” she said. “Shareholders can make shareholder resolutions, they can check the company’s books and records – if investors decide to give up their guns, they can give up the rights of investors.”

So far, so few pensions have been done, says alex brown, a research manager at the national association of retired managers.

“Today’s market is global, and there is usually a willing buyer for every seller,” he said.


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